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Nvidia’s Computex Announcements: Transforming the World with Generative AI and Accelerated Computing

At the prestigious Computex event in Taipei, Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, took the stage and captivated the audience with his vision of transforming the world through the power of generative AI and accelerated computing. In his first public speech in almost four years, Huang made several groundbreaking announcements, including chip release dates, partnerships with major companies, and the revolutionary DGX GH200 supercomputer. Let’s delve into the exciting Nvidia news unveiled during the two-hour-long keynote.

  1. Nvidia’s GForce RTX 4080 Ti GPU: Empowering Gamers with Cutting-Edge Technology Nvidia’s highly anticipated GForce RTX 4080 Ti GPU for gamers has entered full production and is being manufactured in collaboration with partners in Taiwan. With “large quantities” hitting the market, gamers can expect unparalleled performance and immersive experiences powered by this state-of-the-art GPU.
  2. Nvidia Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE) for Games: Bringing AI-Driven Character Development Huang introduced the Nvidia Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE) for Games, a customizable AI model foundry service catering to game developers. ACE leverages pre-trained models to infuse non-player characters (NPCs) with rich and lifelike personalities through AI-powered language interactions. This breakthrough technology promises to elevate the gaming industry’s storytelling capabilities to new heights.
  3. Nvidia Cuda Computing Model: Empowering Developers Worldwide Huang proudly announced that the Nvidia Cuda computing model now serves an impressive community of four million developers and supports over 3,000 applications. The Cuda model has witnessed a staggering 40 million downloads, with 25 million downloads occurring in the past year alone. This growth underscores the widespread adoption and effectiveness of Nvidia’s accelerated computing paradigm.
  4. GPU Server HGX H100: Revolutionizing Data Centers Nvidia has commenced full volume production of the GPU server HGX H100, collaborating with various manufacturers in Taiwan. Huang proudly proclaimed it as the world’s first computer to incorporate a transformer engine. With its cutting-edge capabilities, the HGX H100 paves the way for high-resilience data center applications, delivering unparalleled performance and efficiency.
  5. Nvidia’s Strategic Acquisition of Mellanox: A Game-Changing Decision Huang acknowledged Nvidia’s strategic acquisition of supercomputer chipmaker Mellanox in 2019, highlighting it as one of the company’s greatest decisions. The acquisition, valued at $6.9 billion, has fortified Nvidia’s position in the industry and enhanced its ability to drive innovation in supercomputing and advanced chip technologies.
  6. Next-Generation Hopper GPUs: A Promising Future In a glimpse into the future, Huang announced that production of the next generation of Hopper GPUs is set to begin in August 2024, precisely two years after the commencement of the first generation’s manufacture. This exciting development underscores Nvidia’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of GPUs.
  7. GH200 Grace Hopper: Unleashing Unprecedented Computing Power Nvidia’s GH200 Grace Hopper, now in full production, represents a significant leap in accelerated computing. This superchip boasts 4 PetaFIOPS TE, 72 Arm CPUs connected by chip-to-chip link, 96GB HBM3, and 576 GPU memory. Huang described it as the world’s first accelerated computing processor with a massive memory, emphasizing that it is more than just a chip—it is a full-fledged computer. Designed for high-resilience data center applications, the GH200 Grace Hopper sets new standards in performance and versatility.
  8. DGX GH200: Uniting the Power of Grace Hoppers For scenarios requiring even greater memory capacity, Nvidia presents the DGX GH200. By interconnecting eight Grace Hopper chips using three NVLINK Switches and further combining 32 pods with additional layers of switches, a total of 256 Grace Hopper chips create the ExaFLOPS Transformer Engine. With an astounding 144 TB GPU memory, the DGX GH200 functions as a behemoth GPU, capable of running resource-intensive tasks with exceptional speed. Initial access to the DGX GH200 will be granted to industry pioneers such as Google Cloud, Meta, and Microsoft for research purposes, showcasing the immense potential of this innovation.
  9. Nvidia-SoftBank Partnership: Revolutionizing Distributed Data Centers in Japan Nvidia has entered into a strategic partnership with SoftBank to introduce the Grace Hopper superchip into SoftBank’s distributed data centers in Japan. This collaboration will enable the hosting of generative AI and wireless applications on a multi-tenant common server platform, resulting in reduced costs and energy consumption. The Nvidia MGX reference architecture, utilized in partnership with prominent Taiwanese companies, empowers system manufacturers to develop over 100 server variations for AI, accelerated computing, and omniverse applications.
  10. Spectrum-X: Accelerating Networking for Ethernet-Based Clouds Huang introduced the Spectrum-X accelerated networking platform, designed to enhance the speed and efficiency of Ethernet-based clouds. The platform features the Spectrum 4 switch, boasting 128 ports operating at 400GB per second, translating to an impressive 51.2T per second capacity. The Spectrum 4 switch offers adaptive routing, performance isolation, and in-fabric computing capabilities, ushering in a new era of Ethernet technology. Additionally, the Bluefield 3 Smart Nic complements the Spectrum 4 switch, enabling efficient congestion control.
  11. Nvidia-WPP Collaboration: Innovating Content Production Nvidia has partnered with WPP, the world’s largest advertising agency, to develop a content engine powered by Nvidia Omniverse. Leveraging this innovative platform, WPP aims to produce compelling photos and videos for use in advertising campaigns, revolutionizing the way brands engage with their target audiences.
  12. Nvidia Isaac ARM: Empowering Robotics with Cutting-Edge Technology Huang announced the availability of the Nvidia Isaac ARM robot platform, a comprehensive solution encompassing both hardware and software components. Starting with the Nova Orin chip, the Isaac ARM stack represents the world’s first full-reference robotics stack. This breakthrough technology empowers robotics enthusiasts and professionals to build advanced robots, unlocking new possibilities in various industries.


Nvidia’s presence at Computex was nothing short of spectacular, with Jensen Huang showcasing the company’s commitment to transforming the world through generative AI and accelerated computing. From the highly anticipated GForce RTX 4080 Ti GPU for gamers to the groundbreaking DGX GH200 and GH200 Grace Hopper supercomputers, Nvidia continues to push the boundaries of innovation. Through strategic partnerships and revolutionary technologies, Nvidia is revolutionizing data centers, networking platforms, content production, and robotics. With its market valuation soaring to new heights, Nvidia’s impact on the technology industry is undeniable, and its commitment to the Chinese market stands as a testament to its global significance.


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