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Sensitive Images Recorded by Tesla Cars
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Sensitive Images Recorded by Tesla Cars Shared by Company Employees

Several ex-employees of Tesla have come forward to Reuters to report that images and videos from customers’ electric cars, which were considered “highly invasive,” were shared among staff members who ridiculed them in internal chat groups. According to the report published by Reuters, while Tesla secures clients’ permission to gather data from their cars to enhance their self-driving technology, the company guarantees that the entire process is “designed from the ground up to protect your privacy.” However, nine former employees claimed that personal footage of customers was exchanged through Tesla’s private one-on-one chats between 2019 and 2022, raising concerns about the company’s privacy practices.

Among the videos in question were a naked man approaching his electric car, road-rage incidents, and crashes, according to sources. One former employee claimed that a video of a Tesla hitting a child on a bike in a residential area spread rapidly among the company’s San Mateo, California office. Ex-workers expressed concerns about Tesla’s lack of respect for its customers’ privacy, claiming that the software used by the company at work allowed them to view intimate moments, such as doing laundry or spending time with their kids. This has raised questions about the company’s claim that camera recordings remain anonymous and unlinked to the vehicle or owner.

Tesla Car Inside
Sensitive Images Recorded by Tesla Cars Shared

The former employees also revealed that their work software allowed them to track the location of photos and videos, despite Tesla’s assurance that camera recordings are anonymous and not linked to the customer or their car. Reuters was unable to retrieve any of the pictures or clips in question, as they had allegedly been erased. Some former employees did attest that they had observed private data being shared solely for the purpose of aiding colleagues.

Despite attempts by Reuters to receive a response from Tesla regarding the issue, the company remained unresponsive. The revelations have sparked concerns about Tesla’s privacy policies and practices, particularly regarding the handling of confidential data.

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