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Tesla Autopilot driver interaction

U.S. Expresses Concerns Over Tesla Autopilot Driver Interaction

The U.S. expresses concerns over the interaction between Tesla’s Autopilot system and drivers, prompting an ongoing investigation. The article discusses the need for responsible development, challenges in driver alert strategies, past criticisms, and ongoing investigations to ensure the safety of advanced driver assistance technologies.

The United States Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, has raised concerns about the interaction between Tesla’s Autopilot, an advanced driver assistance system, and drivers. This issue has prompted an ongoing investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) into several Tesla crashes involving Autopilot, particularly incidents where parked emergency vehicles were involved. The focus of the investigation is to determine if Tesla vehicles adequately ensure that drivers remain attentive while using Autopilot. In light of these concerns, Buttigieg emphasized the need for responsible development and deployment of this technology.

The Complexity of Driver Interaction:

During a press conference, Secretary Buttigieg acknowledged that while advanced driver assistance systems, like Tesla’s Autopilot, can provide significant benefits to drivers, the challenge lies in effectively managing the interaction between the technology and the human driver. He highlighted the fact that it is unrealistic to expect these systems to be entirely flawless or foolproof. The key question is how to ensure that they contribute to improved safety outcomes. Buttigieg emphasized the importance of responsible development and implementation to harness the full potential of this technology.

NHTSA Investigation:

The NHTSA has been actively investigating Tesla’s Autopilot since August 2021. Initially, the probe focused on crashes involving parked emergency vehicles and whether Tesla vehicles effectively ensure driver attention. In June 2022, the NHTSA upgraded its investigation to an engineering analysis, encompassing 830,000 Tesla vehicles equipped with Autopilot. The analysis includes crashes involving parked emergency vehicles, seeking to uncover any potential defects or shortcomings in the system.

Challenges and Questions Surrounding Driver Alert Strategies:

One aspect under scrutiny is Tesla’s driver alert strategy, which aims to compel driver attention. Evidence gathered during the investigation has raised questions about the effectiveness of this strategy. Despite drivers allegedly complying with Tesla’s alerts, accidents still occurred, indicating potential limitations in the current approach. Finding a balance between technology-driven safety measures and human responsibility remains a complex challenge.

Past Criticisms and Oversight:

This is not the first time Tesla’s Autopilot system has faced criticism. In 2018, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) criticized Tesla for its “ineffective monitoring of driver engagement” following a fatal Autopilot crash. Additionally, the NTSB accused the NHTSA of providing insufficient oversight in this regard. These previous incidents have likely contributed to heightened scrutiny and a more cautious approach in investigating Tesla’s driver assistance systems.

Ongoing Investigations and Safety Concerns:

The NHTSA has been actively investigating Tesla-related incidents since 2016. A total of 40 special crash investigations have been conducted, specifically examining the use of driver assistance systems like Autopilot. Out of these investigations, 20 crashes resulted in fatalities. However, the agency has already ruled out Autopilot use in three of these cases. The investigations aim to establish the role and impact of advanced driver systems in ensuring road safety.

Tesla’s Response:

As of now, Tesla has not responded to requests for comment regarding the ongoing investigation. It is anticipated that the company will actively cooperate with authorities and provide relevant information to address the concerns raised. Tesla’s commitment to enhancing safety standards and refining its Autopilot system will be crucial in restoring trust and ensuring responsible implementation.


The concerns expressed by U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg regarding the interaction between Tesla’s Autopilot system and drivers highlight the need for responsible development and deployment of advanced driver assistance technologies. The ongoing investigation by the NHTSA aims to uncover potential shortcomings and ensure that these systems contribute to improved safety outcomes. The outcome of this investigation will shape the future of driver assistance technologies and influence regulatory measures to safeguard the well-being of drivers and the general public.


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