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Humza Yousaf urged to remove Colin Beattie, SNP Treasurer, from a significant public position

Scottish MSP Michael Marra has called on Humza Yousaf to remove SNP treasurer Colin Beattie from his position as chair of the Scottish Commission for Public Audit. Beattie was recently taken into custody for questioning as part of a Police Scotland investigation into the SNP’s finances. Marra believes that Beattie’s position as chair is untenable and could damage public confidence in the Scottish government’s handling of public finances. This is the second arrest of a high-profile SNP member in connection with the investigation, with former chief executive Peter Murrell also being detained earlier this month before being released without charge.

In his letter to the First Minister, Marra expressed concern over reports that the treasurer of the SNP, Colin Beattie MSP, had been arrested in connection with an ongoing investigation into the finances of the party. He urged the First Minister to remove Beattie immediately from his position as chair of the Scottish Commission for Public Audit, as it is untenable for him to continue to hold a senior public position overseeing public finance while under police investigation.

Former Scottish Labour MSP Hugh Henry suggested on Twitter that Beattie step aside from the position while the investigation is ongoing. The First Minister, Yousaf, stated that he will consider Beattie’s removal from the Public Audit Committee and will speak to him about his roles on the committee and as national treasurer once he is no longer being questioned by the police. It is important for the public to have confidence in the administration of public finances, and Beattie’s removal until the conclusion of the investigation would be appropriate.

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