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Klay Thompson’s Love Life: Who will be next.

Klay Thompson, a basketball star for the Golden State Warriors, has had multiple romantic relationships in the past. One of his most popular relationships was with Hollywood actress Laura Harrier in 2018, which lasted for two years. However, his most recent relationship was with an Instagram model named Kristene Evangeline, which was only rumored and not confirmed.

Klay Thompson & Lauren Harrier
Klay Thompson & Lauren Harrier

In 2014, Klay dated Hannah Stocking, a YouTuber and Instagram model, but their relationship ended after a year due to his infidelity. He was then rumored to be dating Tiffany Suarez, a Fordham basketball star, but they never officially dated. In 2016, he was linked with Cherise Sandra, an L.A. Rams cheerleader, but Klay denied the rumors. A year later, he was rumored to be dating Abigail Ratchford, but it was never confirmed.

In 2018, Klay was linked with two women: Carleen Henry, a celebrity stylist, and Laura Harrier. Klay and Carleen were spotted together multiple times, but they never made their relationship official. Their relationship ended after Carleen leaked their private messages to the media. Klay’s relationship with Laura was more serious, but they also eventually broke up in 2020. While still dating Laura, Klay was rumored to have gone on a dinner date with Eiza Gonzalez in 2019, but they never dated.

Currently, Klay is not involved in any romantic relationships and seems to be focusing on his career. It remains to be seen who he will date next.

By: Raja M Azeem



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