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Inside the Walls: Revealing the Harsh Realities of Prison Life for Different Criminals

Prison, a place meant for rehabilitation and punishment, holds a complex system of hierarchies and unwritten rules that determine how inmates are treated based on their crimes. A former inmate known by the moniker “Viking” has taken the world by storm with his candid insights into the harsh realities of life behind bars. Having spent six years in prison, Viking sheds light on the treatment of various criminals, from school shooters enduring unimaginable torment to child molesters facing brutal consequences.

From Criminal to Viral Star:

Viking, a resident of Florida, found himself entangled in the criminal justice system, facing charges of burglary, assault, and drug possession. However, he has since transformed his life, becoming an inspirational figure by establishing his own vitamin and wellness company called Viking Mindset. Gaining immense popularity online, particularly on TikTok, Viking has amassed over 569,000 followers, captivated by his first-hand accounts of life inside prison.

Tormenting School Shooters:

In one of his viral videos, Viking shares his encounters with three school shooters during his time behind bars. His revelations are grim, exposing the relentless torture inflicted upon these individuals by both guards and fellow inmates. He unveils a world where sexual assault, contaminated food, and relentless harassment are just a few of the torments these individuals endure. Viking emphasizes the lack of remorse and sympathy extended to those who have taken innocent lives, highlighting the cycle of evil that engulfs them within prison walls.

The Fate of Child Molesters:

Viking does not shy away from discussing the treatment of child molesters and predators within the prison system. Surprisingly, he reveals that inmates from diverse backgrounds unite when it comes to protecting the vulnerable, particularly women and children. Regardless of race, religion, or gang affiliation, those who harm the innocent face retribution. Viking describes a haunting environment where these individuals live in constant fear, plagued by extortion and violence, both from their fellow inmates and even the correctional officers themselves.

Violence Behind Bars:

Viking paints a chilling picture of the violence and brutality that permeates prison life. He recounts witnessing police officers going to extreme lengths to punish the most dangerous criminals, often resorting to lethal force. Solitary confinement becomes a haven for sadistic officers, where inmates are subjected to unimaginable atrocities. The former inmate describes firsthand accounts of inmate-on-inmate stabbings, officers throwing inmates from high floors, and the use of harmful gases during showers. Such horrific incidents shed light on the darkest aspects of life within the prison walls.

A Glimpse into Everyday Struggles:

While severe offenders face the harshest treatment, Viking emphasizes that every inmate endures challenging living conditions. Guards often manipulate and exploit prisoners, forcing them to engage in violent fights for their amusement. The deliberate use of scalding hot water and pepper spray during showers becomes a means of control and further punishment. Inmates are subjected to starvation, extreme temperature fluctuations, and physical assaults, leaving them traumatized and living in constant fear.


Viking’s testimonies offer a rare glimpse into the complex world of prison life, where criminals face different degrees of torment depending on the nature of their crimes. His candid accounts bring to light the shocking treatment endured by school shooters and child molesters, revealing a disturbing cycle of violence and retribution within the prison system. While Viking’s own journey from inmate to entrepreneur showcases the potential for redemption, his stories remind us of the urgent need to address the systemic issues within the correctional system and strive for rehabilitation rather than perpetuating a cycle of suffering.


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