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Mercedes' Monaco Mishap

Mercedes’ Monaco Mishap: Crane Incident Exposes Car Secrets

In a bizarre turn of events at the Monaco Grand Prix, a crane operator’s unconventional handling of Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes has raised concerns among the team. While Mercedes boss Toto Wolff jokingly speculated that the crane operator might have trained with the famed ‘Cirque du Soleil,’ there is a genuine worry that the incident inadvertently revealed the secrets of the car’s floor and upgraded aerodynamics. This unexpected turn has forced the Mercedes team back to the drawing board, as they strive to regain their competitive edge. Let’s delve deeper into this intriguing episode and its implications for the team.

The Circus-Like Crane Operation:

With a hint of humor, Toto Wolff remarked that the crane operator responsible for Hamilton’s elevated Mercedes must have honed their skills at Cirque du Soleil. However, beneath the lighthearted banter lies a genuine concern regarding the inadvertent exposure of their car’s technological advancements. Wolff, while supporting the marshals’ swift response in removing the cars from the track, expressed his disappointment with the incident. “You could have put it on a truck… you’re showcasing a car to everyone in the world,” he lamented.

Unintended Revelations:

The unfortunate consequence of the crane mishap was the glaring visibility of the underside of Hamilton’s Mercedes, providing rivals with a rare glimpse into its intricate engineering. The car dangled precariously, tilting forwards and backwards, inadvertently allowing competitors to study its aerodynamic elements and scrutinize the floor configuration. This unexpected unveiling of valuable secrets has undoubtedly caused concern within the Mercedes camp.

Red Bull’s Fortunate Outcome:

Interestingly, the Red Bull team also encountered a similar incident when Checo Perez crashed during qualifying. However, unlike the exposed Mercedes, their car was lifted away with less visibility of its floor. Toto Wolff, with a touch of irony, humorously attributed this disparity to the “Cirque du Soleil” talents possessed by the crane operators. The juxtaposition between the two situations further compounds the frustration felt by the Mercedes team.

Back to the Drawing Board:

Following the embarrassing turn of events at Monaco, Mercedes has returned to the drawing board, seeking to rectify the shortcomings of their under-performing car. The Monaco Grand Prix marked the debut of a revised version that was initially intended to debut at Italy’s Imola circuit. Unfortunately, due to devastating floods in the region, the Imola race was canceled. Consequently, Mercedes chose the prestigious Monaco circuit to showcase their revamped car. However, the unforeseen crane incident has now added another layer of challenge for the team.


The Monaco Grand Prix will undoubtedly be remembered for more than just its thrilling race. The peculiar mishandling of Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes by the crane operator has inadvertently exposed the team’s technological secrets. While Toto Wolff’s initial jest about the operator’s connection to Cirque du Soleil brought a moment of levity, the subsequent concerns surrounding the car’s floor and aerodynamics are far from amusing for the Mercedes team. As they regroup and strive to regain their competitive edge, the lessons learned from this incident will undoubtedly shape their approach to future races


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