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Ein Samiya

Israel’s Forced Transfer of Palestinian Village: A Disturbing War Crime

In a distressing turn of events, the village of Ein Samiya, located in the occupied West Bank, has become a victim of what rights groups are condemning as a “war crime.” Over the years, the approximately 200 residents of Ein Samiya have faced relentless violence and restrictions imposed by the Israeli army and settlers. This harrowing ordeal has forced them out of their homes, leaving behind a community scarred by the traumatic experiences they endured. In this article, we delve into the plight of Ein Samiya’s residents, shedding light on the injustices they have faced and the urgent need for international intervention.

The Struggle of Ein Samiya:

Ein Samiya, established four decades ago, was built on privately owned Palestinian land with the permission of neighboring villagers. However, under the Oslo Accords of the 1990s, the village was classified as being in Area C, which falls under Israeli military control. The Palestinians residing in Area C face severe restrictions on construction and development, often resulting in demolitions, fines, and other punitive measures.

Livelihood and Lives Under Threat:

The residents of Ein Samiya primarily rely on livestock herding for their livelihood, as their access to other economic opportunities is limited. They endure austere living conditions, residing in modest homes constructed from aluminum and tin, due to the stringent building restrictions imposed upon them. These structures, many of which were supported by funding from the European Union, serve as a testament to the villagers’ resilience in the face of adversity.

Violence and Intimidation:

Ein Samiya has been subjected to relentless attacks by Israeli settlers, who operate with the full backing of the state. Over the past five years, these attacks have intensified, encompassing beatings, rock-throwing, and the targeting of livestock and crops. Innocent men, women, and children have fallen victim to this wave of violence, experiencing the brutality of settler aggression firsthand. The accounts of Sumoud Ibrahim and her family serve as a painful reminder of the inhumanity they have endured.

Forcible Transfer as a War Crime:

Rights groups, including B’Tselem, have unequivocally condemned Israel’s policy, labeling it a systematic attempt to confiscate Palestinian land for the benefit of Jewish settlers. The forcible transfer of Ein Samiya’s residents represents a war crime under international law. The plight of Ein Samiya epitomizes the struggles faced by numerous Palestinian communities throughout the West Bank, perpetuating a cycle of displacement and dispossession.

International Responsibility:

The international community, particularly the European Union, which has provided crucial support to these affected communities, must step up and address the grave situation. The ongoing silence and inaction only embolden Israel’s policies and contribute to the suffering endured by Palestinian communities. It is essential for international entities to recognize their responsibility and take meaningful action to safeguard the rights and well-being of the Palestinian people.


The forced transfer of Ein Samiya village is an appalling act that violates international law and perpetuates the cycle of injustice faced by Palestinians living in the occupied territories. The international community must demonstrate its commitment to human rights and condemn these unlawful actions, calling for an immediate end to the violence and the restoration of justice. As Ein Samiya’s residents face an uncertain future, it is imperative that the world stands in solidarity with them, ensuring their right to live in peace and security on their ancestral lands


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