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Instagram Prepares to Launch Rival to Twitter in Summer

In a bid to compete with Twitter, Instagram is gearing up to unveil a text-based application. Sources familiar with the matter reveal that the company is currently testing the project with renowned celebrities and influencers. Interestingly, this app has been discreetly available to a select group of creators for several months, as disclosed by one insider.

According to Lia Haberman, a prominent social and influencer marketing instructor at UCLA, the standalone app will likely debut as early as June. Haberman further shared an early app description screenshot, suggesting that users will have the option to link their Instagram accounts to this new platform. Notably, the app might also become compatible with other Twitter rivals, including Mastodon, as indicated in the screenshot.

When reached out for comment, Meta Platforms, the parent company of Instagram, did not provide an immediate response. The recent turmoil surrounding Twitter, particularly due to Elon Musk’s tumultuous involvement, has prompted users to explore alternative platforms, thereby creating an opportunity in the market.

“Historically, we have seen Meta adopt and replicate popular features from various apps and third-party tools based on their anticipation of user preferences,” remarked Haberman. She pointed out that Musk has expressed interest in transforming Twitter into an all-encompassing application, offering an array of features beyond informational posts. Given Meta’s track record of borrowing from other platforms, it is highly probable that they will take the lead by consolidating the experiences they are currently developing.

Earlier reports from Moneycontrol.com, a Mumbai-based news website, indicated that Meta was already exploring plans for a text-based app back in March, internally referred to as P92. Other sources have also mentioned the code name “Barcelona” associated with the project.

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