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PGA Championship 2024 Breaks Records in Ticket and Hospitality Sales

“Experience record-breaking ticket and hospitality sales at the 2024 PGA Championship! Join us at Valhalla Golf Club for an unforgettable week of golf, new partnerships, and exciting fan experiences. Don’t miss out on this premier sporting event in Louisville.”

The PGA Championship, making a triumphant return to Valhalla Golf Club near Louisville after a ten-year hiatus, is already making headlines with unprecedented ticket and hospitality sales figures. This year’s tournament promises to be a spectacle, drawing massive crowds and showcasing exciting new partnerships that underscore the PGA’s global appeal.

Ticket Sales Surge: A Testament to Fan Enthusiasm

One of the standout achievements leading up to this year’s PGA Championship is the remarkable success in ticket sales. General admission tickets bundled with Championship+ perks, including food and nonalcoholic beverages, have completely sold out for all four tournament days. Prices ranged from $199 for Thursday to $249 for Friday through Sunday, reflecting strong demand and excitement among golf enthusiasts.

In total, the PGA of America anticipates welcoming approximately 200,000 attendees throughout the week, a testament to the enduring passion for golf in the Louisville area.

Hospitality Reaches New Heights

Hospitality sales for the 2024 PGA Championship have shattered previous records, surpassing the benchmark set at Charlotte’s Quail Hollow Club in 2017. Notably, 70% of these hospitality passes were secured by local entities within Kentucky, highlighting the robust support from the surrounding community.

Jeff Price, Chief Commercial Officer of the PGA of America, emphasized the exceptional response from golf-loving communities like Louisville, recognizing the city’s enthusiastic embrace of this premier sporting event.

“The 2024 PGA Championship at Valhalla Golf Club near Louisville breaks sales records, uniting golf enthusiasts for a week of excitement, new partnerships, and unparalleled fan experiences.”

New Partnerships Fuel Excitement

This year’s championship welcomes several new sponsors, with T-Mobile leading the charge as an official partner. T-Mobile’s “Club Magenta” promises a dynamic experience for attendees, featuring engaging fan activities alongside delectable food and beverages. Additionally, T-Mobile’s sponsorship extends to a captivating driving range show broadcasted across social media platforms, the tournament’s mobile app, and its official website.

Joining T-Mobile are esteemed partners such as William Hill, High Noon, Elijah Craig, Michelob Ultra, and Lexus, each adding their distinct flavor to the PGA Championship experience.

Innovative Technology Enhancements

The PGA Championship isn’t just about golf—it’s embracing digital transformation with a revamped mobile app developed in collaboration with Perfect Sense. This cutting-edge app integrates ticketing functionalities for the first time, enhancing convenience and accessibility for attendees.

Moreover, the app’s versatility extends beyond the Louisville tournament, serving as a platform for upcoming PGA events like the KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship and the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship.

For fans, the PGA Championship app offers more than just information—it hosts a free fantasy game where users can assemble their dream team of golfers for a chance to win a coveted $5,000 PGA swag bag. This interactive feature underscores the PGA’s commitment to enhancing fan engagement and delivering memorable experiences.

Streamlined Messaging

Notably, the PGA of America is adopting a “less-is-more” approach with on-site branding, aiming to focus on core initiatives and streamline their message. This strategic shift, spearheaded by Fahad Zahid, the PGA’s head of brand and digital marketing, aims to amplify the organization’s impactful storytelling amid a diverse range of programs.

The PGA Championship’s return to Valhalla Golf Club promises a week filled with golfing excellence, community spirit, and innovative experiences. With record-breaking sales and exciting partnerships, this year’s tournament is poised to leave an indelible mark on both the golfing world and the city of Louisville. As the action unfolds, stay tuned for thrilling updates from the green at Valhalla!


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