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Understanding Copyright Fees: When You Don’t Have to Pay

Copyright Fees and Their Inclusion in the Cost

Exceptions: When You Don’t Need to Pay Copyright Fees

Ordering on Loan

If you are ordering an item on loan, you do not need to pay a copyright fee. This applies to items borrowed for a specific period.

Non-Commercial Research or Private Study

If the copy you require is for non-commercial research or private study, and you are making the request through a registered organization with the British Library, you are exempt from paying copyright fees. Please note that this exception does not apply if you are based outside the UK or if you represent a commercial organization.

Parliamentary, Judicial, Royal Commission, or Statutory Proceedings

Materials required for parliamentary or judicial proceedings, a Royal Commission, or statutory inquiry do not incur copyright fees.

Replacement Copies for Libraries, Archives, Galleries, or Museums

If an item needs to be replaced due to loss or damage, copyright fees are waived. However, this service is only available to libraries, archives, galleries, or museums within the UK.

Open Access Materials

Open Access research articles are freely available to the public online. When an article is identified as Open Access, British Library On Demand provides it without charging a copyright fee.

Library Privilege Copy and Copyright Declaration

If a copyright fee is not applicable to your order, it is referred to as a Library Privilege copy. To use this copy, you must complete a copyright declaration form, confirming that you are not knowingly infringing copyright law.

Accessing Open-Access Materials

When ordering materials, check if they are subject to Open Access policies. Some articles may be available free of charge from alternative sources. Ensure that the article you require is not accessible elsewhere before placing your order.

Refund of Copyright Fees

If you believe you have paid a copyright fee for an Open Access article provided by British Library On Demand, contact Customer Services. They can assist you in potentially refunding the amount.

Understanding copyright fees is crucial when ordering materials. While most items come with copyright fees, there are exceptions for specific circumstances and Open Access articles. Make informed choices to access the content you need without unnecessary costs.


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