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Travis Kelce Attributes U.K. Jersey Success to Taylor Swift as Fans Celebrate Her Birthday
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Travis Kelce Attributes U.K. Jersey Success to Taylor Swift as Fans Celebrate Her Birthday

Discover how Travis Kelce credits Taylor Swift for his U.K. jersey success, celebrating Swift’s birthday, and the intersection of sports and pop culture in this captivating story.

Kansas City Chiefs‘ star tight end Travis Kelce has found himself soaring to the top of the U.K. jersey charts, and he’s pointing his finger at none other than pop sensation Taylor Swift for this incredible achievement. As Swift celebrates her birthday today, Kelce took a moment on Wednesday’s podcast, ‘New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce,’ to acknowledge the pivotal role the songstress has played in his newfound international jersey stardom.

With both Kelce brothers, Travis (34) and Jason (36), occupying the No. 1 and No. 2 spots in U.K. jersey sales, they jokingly pondered the inexplicable popularity overseas. Jason quipped, “Lotta Swifties over there in the U.K.?” to which Travis, acknowledging his relationship with Taylor Swift, humorously concurred, crediting her for the surge in his jersey sales.

Yet, the banter didn’t stop there. Jason, the Philadelphia Eagles center, playfully suggested that his own No. 2 spot might be attributed to mistaken purchases by those associating him with the globally beloved pop icon, Swift. Travis, in good spirits, extended gratitude to both Taylor and his brother’s wife, Kylie Kelce, jesting that the sales might actually be a testament to the latter’s fanbase.

Ever since going public with Swift in September and her subsequent appearances at Chiefs games, Travis Kelce has witnessed a meteoric rise in both interest around his career and national jersey sales. A spokesperson from Fanatics confirmed a staggering 400% spike in jersey sales following Swift’s attendance at a Chiefs game alongside the Kelce brothers’ mother, Donna Kelce. This surge propelled Travis into the top 5 selling NFL players, marking a monumental shift in his career’s trajectory.

“Travis Kelce credits Taylor Swift for his U.K. jersey triumph as fans celebrate Swift’s birthday, showcasing the intriguing blend of sports and pop culture in their high-profile relationship.”

Despite initial reservations about the spotlight, Travis Kelce expressed his thoughts in October about the NFL’s coverage of Swift’s presence at Chiefs games. However, the league has embraced the newfound attention, acknowledging the intersection of sports and entertainment this relationship has brought. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, in an interview, applauded the positive impact, highlighting the connection it has fostered between Swift’s fans and the NFL.

As for Taylor Swift herself, the Grammy-winning artist revealed her newfound appreciation for football in her TIME Person of the Year cover story, expressing delight at the sport and the previously unexplored joy it brings.

As the celebration continues for Swift’s birthday, it’s evident that her connection with Travis Kelce has not only set the U.K. jersey market abuzz but also sparked an intersection of music and sports that continues to captivate fans on both sides of the Atlantic.


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