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Taylor Swift Reigns Supreme as the Hottest Artist of the Summer – Eras Tour Tickets Command Premium Prices

When it comes to the most sought-after concerts of the summer, there is one name that stands above the rest—Taylor Swift. With her highly anticipated “Eras” tour in full swing, the global superstar has taken the music industry by storm. StubHub’s 2023 Summer Tour Preview has confirmed that Taylor Swift is the indisputable number one act, with her tickets fetching an average price of $920 per ticket. Let’s delve into the details of her remarkable success and the dominance of female artists in the music landscape.

Taylor Swift’s Unrivaled Popularity:

StubHub’s cumulative ticket sales rankings, based on data collected as of May 26, have placed Taylor Swift securely at the top. With a staggering 24 tour dates scheduled for this summer, fans from all corners of the world are clamoring to secure their seats. The average ticket price of $920 showcases the unparalleled demand for her live performances. In fact, Swift’s ticket prices tower above those of other artists in the top 10, with none exceeding $370.

Exorbitant Prices and Unparalleled Demand:

The $920 average selling price is not an outlier; it is merely a reflection of the fervor surrounding Taylor Swift’s concerts. At MetLife Stadium, near New York City, ticket prices have skyrocketed, with some sellers asking for prices well above $10,000. This fervent demand further emphasizes Swift’s status as an icon in the music industry.

The Rise of Female Powerhouses:

According to StubHub spokesperson Adam Budelli, female artists are commanding the spotlight and dominating the ticket sales charts. Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and P!NK have emerged as the frontrunners, outselling their male counterparts in the top 10 by an impressive 50%. Beyoncé, holding a strong second place, boasts 42 dates for her “Renaissance” world tour, with tickets averaging $322 per ticket. Meanwhile, P!NK’s 33 tour dates command an average ticket price of $231.

The Most In-Demand Acts of the Summer:

Here is a glimpse of the top 10 most sought-after artists for the summer, based on StubHub’s data:

  1. Taylor Swift: Average ticket price: $920 Summer tour dates: 24
  2. Beyoncé: Average ticket price: $322 Summer tour dates: 42
  3. Morgan Wallen: Average ticket price: $370 Summer tour dates: 27
  4. Bruce Springsteen: Average ticket price: $274 Summer tour dates: 31
  5. Coldplay: Average ticket price: $347 Summer tour dates: 24
  6. George Strait: Average ticket price: $312 Summer tour dates: 7
  7. P!NK: Average ticket price: $231 Summer tour dates: 33
  8. Metallica: Average ticket price: $287 Summer tour dates: 19
  9. Ed Sheeran: Average ticket price: $171 Summer tour dates: 27
  10. The Weeknd: Average ticket price: $170 Summer tour dates: 29


Taylor Swift’s “Eras” tour has solidified her status as the reigning queen of the summer concert scene. With ticket prices averaging an impressive $920, her fans eagerly anticipate experiencing her electrifying performances. Additionally, the dominance of female artists like Beyoncé and P!NK signifies a paradigm shift in the music industry. As the summer unfolds, music enthusiasts around the world eagerly await these captivating performances that will undoubtedly create lasting memories.


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