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Meta Takes Measures to Address UK Antitrust Concerns Regarding Ad Data Usage

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has made significant commitments to address concerns raised by U.K. antitrust regulators regarding its utilization of advertising data to promote its own products. In an effort to alleviate these concerns and foster a fair marketplace environment, Meta has pledged to implement changes that limit the impact of ad data on Facebook Marketplace, an online classifieds service. This article explores the latest developments surrounding Meta’s response to the U.K. Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), shedding light on the implications for advertisers and the steps taken by Meta to address the antitrust concerns.

Divestment of Giphy and Regulatory Scrutiny:

Coinciding with Meta’s assurances to the CMA, the company recently announced the sale of Giphy, a GIF platform it acquired three years ago for $400 million. The divestment was prompted by a final order issued by the CMA in October, which compelled Meta to address competition concerns. Furthermore, the CMA’s rejection of Microsoft’s bid for Activision further highlights the intensified scrutiny faced by tech giants in the U.K.

Understanding the Issue: Data Leveraging in Facebook Marketplace:

The core issue under investigation revolves around Meta’s ability to leverage data from its social network to influence content display and recommendations in Facebook Marketplace. Launched in 2016, Facebook Marketplace enables users to engage in online classifieds, buying and selling a wide range of items. The CMA argues that Meta’s access to user interests through online ad interactions on Facebook grants it an unfair advantage, potentially disadvantaging advertisers elsewhere on the platform.

Collaborative Investigations by EC and CMA:

Recognizing the significance of the matter, both the European Commission (EC) and the CMA embarked on separate but coordinated investigations into Meta’s data leveraging practices. The CMA initiated its formal investigation in August after an earlier announcement in June, followed by the EC’s similar actions four months later.

Positive Signs: CMA’s Indication of Case Resolution:

Encouragingly, the CMA has signaled its willingness to drop the case after receiving specific commitments from Meta. These commitments include enabling advertisers to opt-out of having their advertising data used for the development of Facebook Marketplace. Meta plans to achieve this by implementing new technical systems. Additionally, Meta has committed to training its staff to ensure that advertiser data is not utilized in the development of new products that could potentially compete directly with advertisers in the U.K. market.

Conclusion: A Path Towards Fair Competition:

Meta’s proactive approach in addressing U.K. antitrust concerns regarding ad data usage represents a positive step toward fostering fair competition. By implementing measures such as allowing advertiser opt-outs and enhancing staff training, Meta aims to alleviate the perceived advantages it gains from leveraging advertising data on Facebook Marketplace. As the CMA evaluates these commitments, it remains crucial for regulators and industry stakeholders to closely monitor Meta’s adherence to these new practices, ensuring a level playing field for advertisers and promoting healthy competition within the digital marketplace.


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