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Draymond Green's Ejection Spree Continues: Third Ouster of the Season Raises Concerns for Warriors

Draymond Green’s Ejection Spree Continues: Third Ouster of the Season Raises Concerns for Warriors

“Read about Draymond Green’s third ejection of the season and its implications for the Golden State Warriors. Will the league take action? Dive into the details here.”

In a game marked by intensity and drama, Draymond Green found himself at the center of attention once again as he was ejected for a Flagrant 2 foul against Jusuf Nurkic during the Warriors’ clash with the Suns on Tuesday night in Phoenix. This marks Green’s third ejection this season, a trend that is raising eyebrows and concerns within the Golden State Warriors’ camp.

The Incident

With 8:23 left in the third quarter, Green, 33, appeared to be jostling for positioning against Nurkic during a side-inbound play. In an unfortunate turn of events, Green lost his footing and, in an attempt to regain balance, swung his right fist, making contact with Nurkic’s head. The impact was enough to send the Suns’ big man sprawling to the court, clutching his face in pain.

Revisiting the Past

This is not the first time Green has found himself in hot water this season. On November 14, he was ejected for putting Timberwolves star Rudy Golbert in a headlock during a brawl on the court. The three ejections this season tie Green’s career-high, a concerning statistic for a player known for his defensive prowess and court intelligence.

Career-High Ejections

The three ejections this season match Green’s career-high for a single season. The volatile incidents not only cast a shadow over Green’s on-court discipline but also leave the Warriors without a key player for significant stretches. It’s a situation the team can ill-afford as they strive for success in a highly competitive Western Conference.

Suspension and League Review

Following the November 14 incident, Green was suspended for five games. Now, with his third ejection of the season, Green faces the prospect of additional penalties pending a league review. The NBA will examine the Flagrant 2 foul against Nurkic, and depending on their findings, Green may have to endure further suspensions, impacting the Warriors’ lineup in crucial matchups.

Warriors’ Loss

Adding insult to injury, the Warriors fell short against the Suns with a final score of 119-116. Green’s absence undoubtedly played a role in the team’s struggles, highlighting the significance of his on-court presence and the ramifications of his ejection.

“Draymond Green’s third ejection of the season leaves the Warriors reeling as questions arise about his on-court conduct and its impact on the team’s performance.”

As Draymond Green awaits the league’s decision on his latest ejection, the Warriors and their fans find themselves holding their breath. Green’s penchant for on-court altercations and ejections is becoming a cause for concern, and the team must address this issue swiftly to maintain a competitive edge in the unforgiving landscape of the NBA’s Western Conference.


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