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British Airways flight chaos
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Chaos at Heathrow Airport as British Airways Flights Face Technical Issues Ahead of Bank Holiday Weekend

Passengers traveling with British Airways (BA) from Heathrow Airport are experiencing disruptions and potential delays as a result of a “technical issue.” On Thursday, over 50 BA flights were canceled, and numerous inbound flights faced delays of over an hour. The situation has left passengers concerned about the status of their flights heading into Friday and the upcoming bank holiday weekend.

Passengers scheduled to depart on Friday evening have already been notified of flight delays. British Airways advises all passengers to check their flight status before heading to the airport. In a statement released on Thursday evening, the airline acknowledged the technical issue and assured customers that their team was working diligently to resolve it. Due to the high volume of calls, they requested passengers to only contact them if they were scheduled to travel within the next 48 hours.

In a tweet posted at 11:27 PM on Thursday, British Airways stated that their systems were back up and running, but intermittent issues may still arise. Despite the disruption, the majority of flights on Thursday were able to operate. However, several Heathrow flights had to be canceled as a result of the technical issue. Affected customers have been contacted and provided with options, including refunds or rebooking on alternative flights with British Airways or other carriers. The airline expressed sincere apologies to its customers for the inconvenience caused.

Passengers at Heathrow Airport encountered long queues as they sought assistance, with some unable to check in online. British Airways prioritized canceling flights to destinations with multiple departures in order to accommodate affected customers. Frustrated passengers took to social media to express their dissatisfaction, calling on the airline to improve its handling of the situation. One Twitter user, present at the airport around 7 PM, reported widespread cancellations and a lack of information, urging British Airways to live up to its reputation as the UK’s flagship carrier.

The flight disruptions coincide with an ongoing strike by security guards at Heathrow who are members of the Unite union. Both the airline and the airport have been working to minimize the impact of the strike. Notably, Friday is anticipated to be the busiest day for departing flights in the UK since 2019, further complicating the situation. However, Heathrow confirmed that the technical issue experienced by British Airways is unrelated to the strikes, and their contingency plans have ensured smooth security queues throughout the airport.

British Airways has faced previous IT failures, including a major incident in December that resulted in the cancellation of numerous long-haul flights. Another notorious IT failure occurred during the May half-term getaway in 2017, stranding tens of thousands of passengers when the airline’s systems were inadvertently shut down.

Passengers are advised to stay updated with the latest information and to reach out to British Airways for assistance. The airline is working diligently to resolve the technical issue and minimize the impact on travelers during this busy holiday weekend.


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