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From Instagram Blogger to Real Estate Success: Rob Kallick’s Journey in Midcentury Design

The Fascination with Midcentury Homes

Rob Kallick’s interest in midcentury homes began during his upbringing in the Chicago suburbs, where he was captivated by the architectural marvels of the era. However, it was his relocation to Los Angeles in 2008 that ignited his passion for these sleek and futuristic designs.

From Hobbyist to Real Estate Entrepreneur

Inspired by the midcentury gems he encountered in Los Angeles, Kallick made the bold decision to transition from marketing to real estate. As he studied for his license exam in 2009, he launched the “Take Sunset” blog and Instagram account, serving as platforms to showcase his love for midcentury design and establish an online presence.

Building a Digital Museum of Midcentury Design

With dreamy photos of his own listings, fellow agents’ properties, and iconic homes throughout Los Angeles, “Take Sunset” on Instagram has evolved into a real-time digital museum. Kallick’s account, boasting 99,400 followers, offers a captivating glimpse into the city’s midcentury interiors and exteriors, capturing the essence of the “Mad Men” era.

From Social Media Influence to Real Estate Success

Kallick’s Instagram presence not only cultivated a dedicated following but also propelled his solo operation into an eight-person firm. In the previous year alone, the team closed an impressive $200 million in sales. His passion for midcentury design has become his unique selling point, attracting clients who appreciate his discerning taste and ability to navigate the market effectively.

The Power of Networking and Expertise

To expand his knowledge and network, Kallick immersed himself in the world of midcentury design. Attending tours of historic homes and engaging with designers and architects who shared his interests helped him establish meaningful connections within the industry. This deep understanding of the style enables him to guide clients toward properties that best suit their preferences and lifestyle needs.

A Modern Approach to Real Estate

Kallick distinguishes himself from other agents by leveraging his online presence to connect with potential buyers on a more personal level. Rather than relying solely on traditional methods like cold-calling, his digital platforms allow him to communicate his genuine passion for real estate and establish himself as a relatable and knowledgeable professional.

Growth and Success

Recognizing the value of collaboration, Kallick expanded his team in 2017, forming the Take Sunset team. In its inaugural year, the team achieved $75 million in sales, and in subsequent years, they closed deals totaling $200 million. Kallick’s expertise in midcentury homes, with their open floor plans and emphasis on natural light, continues to be instrumental in guiding clients towards their ideal design style.


Rob Kallick’s journey from Instagram blogger to successful real estate entrepreneur showcases the power of social media in transforming a passion into a thriving career. Through his dedication to midcentury design and his ability to connect with clients on a personal level, Kallick has become a trusted advisor in the Los Angeles housing market. With his team’s impressive sales record and his deep understanding of clients’ lifestyles, he continues to shape the industry while helping individuals find their perfect home in the City of Angels.


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