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Venice canal turned green
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Venice Canal Turns Mysterious Green: Authorities Investigate the Unprecedented Phenomenon

Venice, the enchanting Italian city renowned for its romantic canals and historic landmarks, has recently witnessed an unusual spectacle that has left both locals and tourists perplexed. The city’s main canal, near the iconic Rialto Bridge, has mysteriously transformed into a vibrant fluorescent green hue. Italian authorities, determined to unravel the cause behind this mesmerizing phenomenon, have initiated a comprehensive investigation. This article delves into the unfolding events surrounding the Venice canal’s unexpected color transformation, exploring the ongoing efforts to identify the substance responsible for this intriguing occurrence.

The Discovery:

A breathtaking video captured by Italy’s fire department showcased the Grand Canal adorned in a remarkable shade of green. The vivid spectacle prompted immediate action from authorities, who swiftly intervened alongside ARPAV, Veneto’s regional environmental protection agency. The collaborative effort aimed to collect water samples and analyze the peculiar pigmentation, with the primary objective of uncovering the cause behind this striking coloration.

Analyzing the Phenomenon:

ARPAV, armed with the collected water samples, diligently commenced the task of identifying the substance that had altered the canal’s appearance. Scientists and researchers within the agency have been working tirelessly to analyze the samples, employing their expertise to shed light on the enigma. The Venice prefect, recognizing the gravity of the situation, promptly called an emergency meeting of police forces to comprehensively understand the incident and explore potential countermeasures.

Unprecedented Occurrence:

While instances of environmental groups colorizing monuments have been reported across Italy, the situation in Venice appears to deviate from these prior events. In contrast to past incidents, no activist group has claimed responsibility for the sudden green transformation of the canal. Nevertheless, the occurrence has sparked speculation and curiosity among both locals and the international community.

Past Environmental Activism:

Italy has witnessed previous acts of environmental activism that involved coloring renowned landmarks to draw attention to pressing issues. Recently, a group of activists scaled Rome’s iconic Trevi Fountain, pouring diluted vegetable charcoal into its waters, turning them black. Simultaneously, they held a banner advocating against public investment and subsidies of fossil fuels. Another episode unfolded in March, when activists sprayed orange paint on the walls of Palazzo Vecchio, Florence’s town hall, to emphasize the urgency of combating the climate crisis.

A Historical Parallel:

Interestingly, this is not the first time the waters of Venice have assumed a striking green hue. Back in 1968, during Venice’s esteemed international art exhibition La Biennale, Argentinian artist Nicolas Garcia Uriburu deliberately spilled non-toxic, bright green fluorescent sodium into the Grand Canal. The artist’s provocative action aimed to draw attention to the deteriorating water pollution and generate discourse on environmental conservation.


As authorities tirelessly investigate the Venice canal’s unexplained green transformation, the city remains captivated by this captivating phenomenon. With no activist group stepping forward to claim responsibility, the quest to unravel the mystery intensifies. While parallels can be drawn to past environmental activism, it is crucial to distinguish this incident from deliberate acts. As scientists work diligently to identify the substance causing the canal’s unusual pigmentation, the world eagerly awaits their findings. Only time will reveal the truth behind this captivating transformation and the message it carries for Venice and the world.


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