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UK Conservatives Under Fire for Demanding Media Payment for Conference Coverage

The ruling Conservative Party in the UK is facing criticism and opposition from various media organizations after announcing that journalists will be required to pay for attending their annual conference. This decision has sparked a debate surrounding the principles of democracy and media access to political events. A coalition of industry bodies, including the News Media Association, Society of Editors, News Media Coalition, and Foreign Press Association, has strongly denounced the move, calling it undemocratic and detrimental to both society and the party itself. The controversy raises concerns about the role of journalists in covering significant political events and the impact it may have on transparency and public discourse.


Last year, the Conservative Party implemented a registration fee for journalists attending their conference to prevent individuals from obtaining accreditation without actually attending the event. The party has decided to maintain the same policy this year, requiring journalists to pay £137 ($169) until July 1 and £880 ($1,086) thereafter. Some media outlets have deemed these fees as excessive and draconian, leading them to refuse coverage of the Tory conference. The forthcoming event, scheduled for October in Manchester, holds not only local significance but also serves as a window for the global community to witness the workings of UK democracy.

The Media Coalition’s Concerns:

The coalition of industry bodies representing media organizations has expressed deep concern over the Conservative Party’s decision to charge journalists for attending the conference. They argue that in a democratic society, all party conferences hold substantial political and public importance. Therefore, there should be no financial barriers hindering journalists from freely reporting and acting as the eyes and ears of the public during such events. The coalition emphasizes that the party is setting a concerning precedent that undermines the fundamental principles of a democratic society.

The coalition’s statement points out that the media plays a crucial role in informing the public and facilitating political discourse. By charging journalists, the Conservative Party risks excluding certain outlets and limiting the diversity of voices covering the event. This move not only restricts press freedom but also raises questions about the party’s commitment to transparency and open dialogue with the media.

Attempts at Dialogue:

The authors of the statement claim to have been trying to engage with the ruling party for over a year to address the issue of fees, but their efforts have yielded no results. The lack of communication from the Conservative Party suggests a lack of willingness to engage in a constructive dialogue and find a resolution that satisfies both sides.

The Conservative Party’s Justification:

A spokesman for the Conservative Party defended the decision, stating that the introduction of a modest charge was intended to discourage over-accreditation by certain media outlets. The party has experienced instances in previous years where thousands of accredited journalists failed to attend the conference, resulting in significant financial costs for police security checks and unnecessary paper and plastic waste. The spokesman also clarified that media outlets facing complicated financial situations may be exempt from the fees, indicating a degree of flexibility in the party’s approach.


The Conservative Party’s decision to charge journalists for attending their annual conference has sparked a heated debate over democratic principles, media access, and press freedom. The coalition of media organizations firmly opposes this move, arguing that it sets a troubling precedent and hampers the role of journalists as the public’s watchdogs. They stress that party conferences hold immense political and public significance and should not be obstructed by financial barriers. It remains to be seen whether the Conservative Party will reconsider its stance and engage in meaningful dialogue with the media industry to address the concerns raised. The outcome of this controversy will have implications for transparency, accountability, and the democratic fabric of the UK political landscape.


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