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TWICE's Jihyo Unveils Sultry Charm in Backless Dress at Press Conference for "Killin' Me Good"

TWICE’s Jihyo Unveils Sultry Charm in Backless Dress at Press Conference for “Killin’ Me Good”

TWICE’s Jihyo dazzles in a backless dress at the press conference for her debut solo album ‘ZONE,’ and captivates with the release of the sultry title track ‘Killin’ Me Good,’ showcasing powerful choreography and emotive storytelling.

In a dazzling display of elegance and charisma, TWICE’s leading lady, Jihyo, stole the spotlight during the press conference held on August 18, 2023, to launch her debut solo venture titled “ZONE.” The event marked a significant milestone for the K-pop sensation, as she takes her first steps as a solo singer.

Jihyo’s fashion choice was nothing short of captivating, as she graced the occasion in a bewitching black maxi dress. The dress, featuring a tasteful backless design and a modest neckline, perfectly complemented her short hairstyle, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and fans alike.

The spotlight shifted to Jihyo’s musical prowess as the sultry songstress made waves with the release of “Killin’ Me Good,” the mesmerizing title track from her debut solo mini-album, “ZONE.” The music video, released at the stroke of midnight, pulled no punches in showcasing Jihyo’s artistic versatility. Known for her viral-worthy muscles during TWICE’s ongoing “Ready to Be” world tour, the video saw her unleash her metaphorical guns, taking center stage with compelling choreography involving a finger gun motif.

In the throes of the final chorus, Jihyo masterfully merged her soulful vocals with powerful dance moves, painting a vivid story of emotional turmoil. With poignant lyrics such as “You’re killin’ me, killin’ me good / You’re makin’ me feel something new / Hey, you’re makin’ me feel so brand new,” Jihyo’s delivery left fans captivated by her emotive rendition.

“TWICE’s Jihyo makes a stunning solo debut with her album ‘ZONE’ and the sizzling title track ‘Killin’ Me Good.’ Discover her captivating press conference look and the music video’s electrifying choreography, embodying emotional highs and lows in this K-pop sensation’s journey.”

As the music video unfolds, we witness a roller-coaster of emotions in Jihyo’s relationship journey, from giggles shared with a faceless love interest to the heart-wrenching depiction of a breakup through text. The artistry behind the visuals beautifully complements the song’s narrative, encapsulating the highs and lows of love.

The magic behind “Killin’ Me Good” comes courtesy of J.Y. Park (also known as JYP of JYP Entertainment), who penned the lyrics, and a team of exceptional composers including Marc Lo, Melanie Fontana, Lindgren, and GG Ramirez. This collaboration has yielded a musical gem that resonates deeply with Jihyo’s dedicated fan base.

“ZONE” promises more sonic treasures for fans to savor. Alongside the title track, Jihyo introduces “Nightmare,” a track previously previewed during her tour, and “Talkin’ About It,” a groundbreaking collaboration with Western artist 24KGldn—a historic moment for a TWICE member. Additionally, the album boasts “Don’t Wanna Go Back,” a soulful duet with Korean sensation Heize, showcasing the musical range Jihyo brings to her solo endeavor.

As the charts eagerly await the impact of “ZONE,” fans, affectionately referred to as Onces, are poised to support Jihyo’s musical journey. The vibrant blend of her resonant vocals, captivating visuals, and powerful storytelling ensures that Jihyo’s solo debut will be nothing short of extraordinary, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what she has in store as she continues to “Go Hard.”


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