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Thomas Markle “Desperate” for Reconciliation with Daughter Meghan as Health Declines, Royal Expert Claims

Thomas Markle, father of Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is “desperate” to reconcile with his daughter as his health declines, according to a royal expert. The statement came after Thomas, along with his children Thomas Jr and Samantha, gave a tell-all interview about the Duchess of Sussex for Australia’s Channel 7 News.

In the interview, Thomas addressed how Prince Harry’s memoir Spare described Meghan as “mourning the loss of her father”. When the reporter asked if it sounds like he was dead, Thomas replied, “Exactly. She killed me and then mourned me.”

However, despite the hurtful comment, Thomas said he is “open to any kind of conversation” to repair his relationship with Meghan, asking, “How can I fix this?”

The royal expert, who was speaking on the UK morning TV show Lorraine, commented on the interview, saying, “It’s just so sad, isn’t it, to see him like that? He’s desperate to be reconciled with his daughter, and you can see that his health isn’t great as he’s had a stroke.”

The expert went on to express uncertainty about whether Meghan would reach out to her family following the interview. She also speculated that the impact of the interview would be less as Meghan would not be present at King Charles III’s Coronation, which is being held in Westminster Abbey on May 6.

This is not the first time that Thomas has spoken out about his estranged relationship with Meghan. In the past, he has given interviews to the media, which has caused tension within the royal family.

It is unclear whether this latest interview will lead to a reconciliation between Thomas and Meghan, but it is clear that the relationship between the two remains strained. As Thomas’s health continues to decline, it is likely that he will continue to try to reach out to his daughter in the hopes of repairing their relationship.

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