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NFL franchise tag deadline

NFL Franchise Tag Deadline Winners, Losers: Who Emerged from 2024 Deadline with Advantage?

“Discover the winners and losers of the NFL franchise tag deadline for the 2024 season. Learn which players secured lucrative deals, who faces uncertain futures, and how teams are positioning themselves for success in the upcoming campaign”

The NFL’s franchise tag deadline has come and gone, leaving in its wake a mix of winners and losers as teams solidify their rosters for the upcoming season. With nine players tagged, the league’s landscape has shifted, setting the stage for intriguing storylines and potential blockbuster deals. Let’s delve into the aftermath of this deadline and dissect who came out on top and who faces uphill battles in the months ahead.


Baker Mayfield

While Mayfield didn’t receive the franchise tag, his situation benefits from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ strategic moves. With key pieces like Josh Allen tagged and WR Mike Evans secured with an extension, the Bucs are primed for another strong season. Mayfield’s negotiation for a long-term deal looms large, but with Tampa’s core intact, the quarterback stands to negotiate from a position of strength.

Ja’Marr Chase

The Bengals’ star wideout enters a pivotal phase in his career, eligible for a long-term extension after three Pro Bowl seasons. With a healthy Joe Burrow returning and Tee Higgins providing support, Chase’s potential extension could set the stage for a lucrative future, leveraging his on-field dominance into a significant payday.

Wide Receivers

Higgins and Michael Pittman Jr. find themselves just outside the top tier of wide receiver compensation, thanks to franchise tags from their respective teams. Despite a deep draft class at the position, Cincinnati and Indianapolis have shown faith in their receivers, setting the stage for a productive 2024 season.

Outside Linebackers

Josh Allen and Brian Burns headline a group of pass rushers set to cash in with franchise tags, securing hefty paydays for their talents. With lucrative deals in hand, they’ll look to anchor their respective defenses and prove their worth throughout the upcoming season.

Tua Tagovailoa

Despite the Miami Dolphins’ defensive departures, Tagovailoa’s trajectory points towards a significant payday. With cap space to spare and a Pro Bowl season under his belt, the young quarterback stands poised to become one of the league’s highest-paid players, a testament to his potential and performance on the field.


Kansas City Chiefs

With L’Jarius Sneed’s fate uncertain, the Chiefs face a pivotal juncture in their offseason plans. While Chris Jones seems committed to remaining in Kansas City, the possibility of significant roster changes looms large, adding an element of intrigue to the team’s future.

Houston Texans

Despite retaining TE Dalton Schultz, the Texans opted not to tag standout DE Jonathan Greenard, potentially exposing him to a competitive free-agent market. Greenard’s departure could signify a shift in Houston’s defensive strategy, leaving questions about the team’s direction moving forward.

NFL franchise tag deadline winners and losers revealed: Who emerged with the advantage for the 2024 season?


Tua Tagovailoa

While Tagovailoa’s future seems bright in terms of compensation, the Dolphins’ struggles to surround him with a competitive roster present significant challenges. With defensive mainstays departing, Tagovailoa faces mounting pressure to lead Miami to playoff success, a daunting task given the team’s recent history.

Kyle Dugger

Despite his versatility on the field, Dugger finds himself on the losing end of the franchise tag classification. The Patriots’ decision to tag him as a safety rather than a DB leaves him with a less lucrative deal, highlighting the complexities of NFL contract negotiations and positional designations.

Running Backs

Despite an increase in the positional tag, running backs find themselves on the outside looking in as free agency looms. With a deep pool of talent available and teams hesitant to invest heavily in the position, established backs like Saquon Barkley and Derrick Henry face uncertain futures in a market that may not fully value their contributions.

As the dust settles on the franchise tag deadline, the NFL enters a new phase of offseason maneuvering. With winners celebrating lucrative deals and losers facing uncertain futures, the stage is set for a compelling offseason filled with negotiations, trades, and roster reshuffling. Keep an eye on these storylines as teams jockey for position in the quest for Super Bowl glory.


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