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Former Lizzo dancers file lawsuit accusing sexual harassment, body-shaming, and hostile work environment. Serious allegations against the singer and her dance captain revealed.

Lizzo Faces Lawsuit from Former Dancers Alleging Harassment and Hostile Work Environment

Former Lizzo dancers file lawsuit accusing sexual harassment, body-shaming, and hostile work environment. Serious allegations against the singer and her dance captain revealed. Read the shocking story here.

Lizzo, the popular singer known for her body-positive message, is facing a legal battle as three of her former dancers have filed a lawsuit against her. The lawsuit alleges sexual harassment, a hostile work environment, and other misconduct. These accusations have shocked many, as they seem to contradict the image Lizzo portrays publicly. Let’s delve into the details of the lawsuit and the allegations made by the dancers.

Lizzo’s Former Dancers Speak Out

In a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, three former dancers of Lizzo have made serious claims against the singer. The dancers, Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez, accuse Lizzo of creating a hostile work environment and subjecting them to sexual harassment.

Allegations of Body-Shaming and Berating

One of the allegations involves Lizzo drawing attention to a dancer’s weight gain after a performance at the South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival. The singer and her choreographer later criticized the dancer for seeming “less committed” to her role, with the comment perceived as a thinly veiled reference to her weight.

Pressure and Inappropriate Conduct at a Strip Club

The lawsuit further accuses Lizzo of pressuring one of the dancers to touch a nude performer at an Amsterdam club, Bananenbar. Allegedly, Lizzo encouraged cast members to engage in lewd and inappropriate activities during afterparties, creating an uncomfortable and degrading environment.

Claims of Religious and Racial Harassment

The suit also alleges religious harassment linked to Lizzo’s dance captain, Shirlene Quigley, who preached her Christian beliefs to the dancers, disregarding their objections. Additionally, the dancers claim racial harassment, pointing out that only the dance cast, comprised mainly of full-figured women of color, were spoken to disrespectfully by touring company employees.

Unfortunate Dismissal of Dancers

Two of the dancers, Williams and Davis, were fired under questionable circumstances. Williams lost her job after challenging Lizzo’s assertion that the dancers were drinking before performances, while Davis was fired after recording a meeting due to an eye condition. Rodriguez resigned after witnessing the unjust treatment of her colleagues.

Lizzo’s Response

Representatives for Lizzo and her production company have not yet responded to the allegations. It remains to be seen how they will address the lawsuit and the serious claims made by the former dancers.

Former Lizzo dancers sue the singer for sexual harassment and hostile work environment, alleging body-shaming, inappropriate conduct, and racial and religious harassment.

The lawsuit filed by Lizzo’s former dancers sheds light on alleged misconduct, creating a sharp contrast between the singer’s public image and her alleged behavior behind the scenes. As the legal proceedings unfold, it remains to be seen how Lizzo and her team will respond to the serious accusations brought against her. The case serves as a reminder that the entertainment industry, despite its reputation for glitz and glamour, still grapples with issues like harassment and discrimination.


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