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Lana Del Rey's 10-City Tour Comes to Florida: Get Your Tickets Now!

Lana Del Rey’s 10-City Tour Comes to Florida: Get Your Tickets Now!

Lana Del Rey’s haunting melodies and enchanting vocals are set to grace Florida as part of her 10-city tour, with captivating performances in Tampa and West Palm Beach. Secure your tickets for an unforgettable night of music and emotion.

Lana Del Rey fans, rejoice! The enigmatic songstress is embarking on a captivating 10-city tour across the eastern United States next month. The tour promises an unforgettable experience, with Lana’s signature haunting voice and mesmerizing melodies gracing stages from Tampa to West Palm Beach. As the anticipation builds, here’s all you need to know about her upcoming Florida concerts and how to secure your tickets.

Lana Del Rey: A Brief Overview

Born as Lizzie Grant, Lana Del Rey has carved her niche as an American alternative-pop sensation hailing from the vibrant city of New York. From her early days of considering stage names like “Sparkle Rope Jump Queen” and “May Jailer,” she eventually settled on the evocative moniker “Lana Del Rey” during a trip to Miami. Her breakthrough came in 2011 with the release of her debut single “Video Games” and the subsequent album “Born to Die.”

Del Rey’s music is characterized by a haunting allure, melodramatic melodies, and a nostalgic 1960s Americana aesthetic. Her lyrics delve into themes of innocence lost, violence, the quest for genuine love, and her personal journey through womanhood and everyday glamour. With a discography comprising nine full-length albums, including the critically acclaimed 2023 hit “Did you know there’s a tunnel under Ocean Boulevard?,” Lana Del Rey’s impact on the music scene is undeniable. Collaborations with industry heavyweights like The Weeknd, A$AP Rocky, Stevie Nicks, and Taylor Swift further solidify her artistic prowess.

Florida Concert Details

For fans in Florida, this tour presents a golden opportunity to experience Lana’s magic up close. She will grace the stage at the iTHINK Financial Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach on Saturday, September 23. The venue, located at 601-7 Sansburys Way, is set to be the backdrop for an enchanting evening filled with Lana’s emotive performances.

Ticket Information

Mark your calendars! Tickets for Lana Del Rey’s tour are set to go on sale on Friday, August 25, at 10 a.m. local time. To secure your spot at one of the most anticipated concerts of the year, visit Ticketmaster.com. Remember that ticket availability is limited, so swift action is advised. A maximum limit of eight tickets per purchase applies.

In the event that tickets on Ticketmaster are sold out, fret not. Third-party platforms like VividSeats and StubHub could potentially have options available for eager fans.

Ticket Pricing

While ticket prices are yet to be unveiled on Ticketmaster’s official website, the experience promised by Lana Del Rey’s performance is undoubtedly priceless. Keep an eye out for updates closer to the ticket release date.

Presale and Access

Unlike some recent presale debacles, there is no mention of an exclusive presale for Lana Del Rey’s tour. The general ticket sale on Friday, August 25, will be open to all and will not require a special code for access. This presents an equal opportunity for all fans to secure their place at the concert.

Venue Guidelines

For attendees heading to the iTHINK Financial Amphitheatre, it’s essential to be aware of the venue’s guidelines. No bags will be permitted unless they adhere to specific size requirements. Plastic, vinyl, or PVC bags must not exceed 12” x 6” x 12”, while small clutch bags (non-clear) should not surpass 6” x 9”. Additionally, for a seamless experience, the venue has transitioned to a cashless system, accepting credit, debit, and mobile payment methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to witness Lana Del Rey’s ethereal performance in the heart of Florida. Set your alarms for August 25, 10 a.m., and secure your tickets promptly to ensure your spot at this musical spectacle that promises to linger in your memories for years to come.


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