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Indictment Unveiled: Brooklyn Drill Rapper Accused of Fueling Gang Violence with Cash and Jewelry

The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office unveiled a shocking 140-count indictment against 32 members of the 8 Trey Crips and the affiliated gang, the 9 Ways. Among them is Michael Williams, a well-known Brooklyn drill rapper who performs under the name Sheff G. The charges range from second-degree murder and attempted murder to conspiracy, weapons possession, assault, attempted assault, kidnapping, and gang assault.

During a press conference, DA Eric Gonzalez accused Williams of using his music career to exacerbate violence in Brooklyn instead of using his fame and fortune for personal betterment. Prosecutors allege that the rapper encouraged gang violence by offering cash and expensive jewelry as incentives to his associates. Furthermore, it is claimed that two days after a deadly ambush by 8 Trey Crips in Folk Nation territory, Williams treated members of both gangs to a lavish dinner at a Manhattan steakhouse to celebrate the shooting spree.

Gonzalez emphasized that Sheff G is not merely a wannabe drill rapper but a legitimate figure who has achieved success. The rapper boasts gold records, substantial wealth, millions of monthly listeners, and over 100 million social media views. He even owns a large rental house in Short Hills, New Jersey.

The indictment accuses the gang members, including another rapper known as Tegan “Sleepy Hallow” Chambers, of committing 27 acts of violence and crime between March 2019 and the present. Their violent activities include using stolen cars during shootings to expand their territory and enhance their reputation. The gang reportedly used approximately 37 firearms, of which 19 were recovered by law enforcement. These weapons were allegedly employed in 12 shootings that targeted 13 victims, including three innocent bystanders.

Surveillance videos captured many of the crimes, and members of the gang openly boasted about their actions on social media and through text messages. The indictment also details specific incidents, such as a shooting in April 2021 where stray bullets struck a 53-year-old man and a 43-year-old woman. The following day, Williams and three others discussed news articles related to the shooting via text messages.

Mayor Eric Adams, present at the press conference, emphasized the focus on the small number of individuals who persistently engage in violence. He stressed that fame and fortune do not deter these individuals from accessing dangerous guns to further their violent activities.

The indictment against Sheff G and the gang members serves as a stark reminder of the pervasive issue of gang violence and the influential role that popular figures can unwittingly play in perpetuating such violence.

By: Emil Rasmussen


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