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Exploring MrBeast’s Philanthropy and Influence: What Parents Should Know

MrBeast, the renowned YouTuber with over 150 million subscribers, has captured the attention of kids worldwide. With his viral giveaways and large-scale philanthropic projects, he has become a popular figure among young fans. However, his immense popularity and extravagant stunts have also raised questions about his charitable intentions. In this article, we delve into the world of MrBeast, exploring who he is, his impact on young viewers, and addressing the concerns parents may have. Furthermore, we provide guidance on how parents can engage in meaningful conversations and help children understand the context of MrBeast’s content.

Who is MrBeast?

Meet Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, a 25-year-old YouTuber who has amassed a net worth estimated at over $105 million. Hailing from Greenville, N.C., he began his YouTube journey at the age of 13, seeking fame and followers. Through his perseverance and determination to master the YouTube algorithm, he gained immense success, currently boasting more than 153 million subscribers. Known for his philanthropic stunts, such as adopting shelter dogs and donating meals to those in need, MrBeast established Beast Philanthropy, a YouTube channel that dedicates 100% of its revenue to charitable causes.

Teaching Kids to Give Back:

MrBeast’s videos provide children with exposure to stories of people in need, along with a happy ending as the YouTuber swoops in to help. Driven by generosity, MrBeast’s philanthropic endeavors resonate with young viewers. According to media psychologist Pamela Rutledge, his acts of giving away large sums of money and prizes create excitement and tap into the social norm of generosity. However, it is important to recognize that MrBeast’s altruism is not without financial motivation. Like any other YouTuber, his success depends on gaining views and followers, which translates into funding for future challenges and endeavors.

Addressing Criticisms:

While MrBeast’s philanthropy has garnered praise, it has also faced criticism. Some skeptics argue that he benefits from exploiting the disadvantages of others to gain attention. Critics have accused him of wastefulness and utilizing significant resources for little social impact. Despite this, MrBeast’s contributions, such as providing shoes to children in South Africa, have been commended. It is vital for parents to encourage critical thinking and engage in conversations about the appropriateness and impact of such actions.

Championing Acceptance:

In a significant moment, MrBeast stood up against transphobia when his childhood friend and fellow YouTuber, Chris Tyson, announced their gender non-conforming identity. MrBeast reaffirmed their friendship and demonstrated acceptance, sending a positive message to young viewers. Parents like Dana Bowling, a fellow YouTube creator and mother of two boys, appreciate MrBeast’s stance, recognizing the importance of exposing children to diverse gender and sexual identities.

Creating Emotional Connections:

MrBeast’s ability to captivate audiences, both young and old, stems from his skill in forming parasocial connections. By promoting his personality as exciting, relatable, and authentic, he creates an emotional engagement with viewers. MrBeast’s direct address to the camera and the sense of presence he establishes make children feel connected and view him as a friend. It is crucial for parents to understand the dynamics of these connections and to guide children in differentiating between media personalities and real-life relationships.

Parental Guidance:

To navigate MrBeast’s content effectively, parents should maintain an open dialogue with their children. By actively monitoring and discussing the videos their kids watch, parents can address thoughts, feelings, and questions that may arise. Dr. Carl D. Marci, a psychiatrist, emphasizes the importance of clear-eyed awareness. While MrBeast offers valuable lessons about helping others, parents need to encourage broader perspectives on philanthropy and emphasize empathy and volunteering. Engaging in content together allows parents to highlight virtuous acts and distinguish them from frivolous ones, promoting critical thinking and responsible media consumption.

MrBeast’s influence on young viewers is undeniable, as his philanthropic endeavors and engaging content captivate millions. Parents should approach their children’s interest in MrBeast with open conversations and heightened awareness. By understanding who MrBeast is, addressing concerns about his intentions, and fostering critical thinking, parents can help children contextualize his content and develop a broader understanding of philanthropy and empathy. Through active engagement, parents can ensure that their children navigate the digital landscape responsibly and derive valuable lessons from MrBeast’s videos.


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