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Devin Haney Dominates Regis Prograis, Clinches Two-Division Championship in Style

Devin Haney Dominates Regis Prograis, Clinches Two-Division Championship in Style

“Read about Devin Haney’s exceptional performance, securing a two-division championship with a shutout victory over Regis Prograis. Uncover the highlights of Haney’s dominant display and his ambitions in the boxing world.”

Devin Haney’s leap to the 140-pound division culminated in a masterclass performance, shutting out Regis Prograis to claim the WBC junior welterweight title and solidify his reign as a two-division boxing champion.

In a masterful display of skill and precision, Devin Haney made a resounding statement by securing a shutout decision over Regis Prograis in their highly anticipated clash at Chase Center on Saturday night. The victory not only marked Haney’s successful move up to the 140-pound division but also saw him capture Prograis’ WBC junior welterweight title.

Haney’s Virtuoso Performance

All three judges were unanimous in their scoring, each awarding Haney a 120-107 victory, emphasizing the complete dominance displayed by the 25-year-old phenom. Haney’s journey to becoming a two-division champion was highlighted by his exceptional ring generalship, precision punching, and a formidable jab that kept Prograis at bay throughout the 12-round bout.

The Las Vegas-based fighter, boasting a flawless record of 31-0 with 15 knockouts, showcased his prowess early in the match with a knockdown in the third round, courtesy of a sharp right hand. Haney continued to dismantle Prograis, strategically capitalizing on his opponent’s habits and delivering punishing blows that left Prograis’ face battered and bloodied.

Prograis No Match for Haney’s Brilliance

Prograis, a formidable fighter out of Houston with a record of 29-2 and 24 knockouts, had boasted about Haney’s perceived lack of power leading up to the fight. However, it was Prograis who found himself on the receiving end of Haney’s calculated and powerful combinations, leading to a CompuBox record-breaking performance. Prograis landed just 38 punches in the entire bout, setting a new low for punches landed in a 12-round championship fight.

Haney’s defense, already highly regarded, reached new heights as he skillfully evaded Prograis’ attacks while delivering a barrage of punches that left the 34-year-old former champion with a swollen right eye and a profusely bleeding cut over the bridge of his nose.

Haney’s Rise to Prominence Continues

Haney’s victory comes on the heels of a narrow decision over future Hall of Famer Vasiliy Lomachenko in May, solidifying his status as the undisputed lightweight champion. With his move to the junior welterweight division, Haney has not only proven his versatility but has also opened the door to further challenges.

The young star expressed his desire to compete at welterweight in the near future, showcasing his ambition to conquer multiple weight classes. His father, trainer, and manager, Bill Haney, praised Devin’s ability to “handicap a fighter” and labeled him as “truly special.”

Fighter of the Year Contention

Haney, brimming with confidence, declared himself a strong candidate for Fighter of the Year. With a remarkable performance against Prograis, Haney has undoubtedly entered the conversation for boxing’s top honor. He faces competition from Naoya Inoue, who will have the chance to make his claim on December 26 in Tokyo.

As the year concludes, Devin Haney’s stellar performance against Regis Prograis positions him as a formidable force in the boxing world, leaving fans and pundits alike eagerly anticipating his next move. Whether it’s in the welterweight division or defending his newly acquired junior welterweight title, Haney’s journey promises excitement and excellence in the ring.


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