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California Religious Group Advocates for Bill to Eliminate Caste Discrimination, Paving the Way for a Casteless Utopia

Casteless Utopia: California Religious Group Champions Bill to Eliminate Caste Discrimination

California, known for its progressive stance on social issues, is taking a groundbreaking step towards creating a casteless society. A religious group in Fresno, the Ravidassia community, is fervently supporting a bill that seeks to outlaw caste discrimination in the state. With a vision rooted in equality and inclusivity, these advocates of change are striving to establish a caste-free society reminiscent of Guru Ravidass’s “Begampura,” a land without sorrow. Despite facing opposition from various groups, the Ravidassia community remains steadfast in their pursuit of justice and social transformation.

A Quest for Equality:

Ram Asra, a member of the Ravidassia community, vividly recalls the disheartening experience of being denied entry to a temple kitchen due to his caste background. However, at the Fresno Ravidassia temple, Asra finds solace and security, as equality is at the core of their faith. Driven by their unwavering belief in Guru Ravidass’s teachings, the Ravidassia community is spearheading a historic effort to include caste as a protected category in California’s nondiscrimination laws. This initiative, if successful, would mark California as the first state in the nation to take such a progressive step.

A Vibrant Community:

With approximately 20,000 members in California’s Central Valley, the Ravidassia community, predominantly hailing from Punjab, India, is deeply rooted in the region. Five Ravidassia temples already exist in Fresno, Pittsburg, Rio Linda, Selma, and Yuba City, with a sixth currently under construction in Union City. Adorned with signs supporting the bill, these temples serve as a testament to the community’s commitment to annihilating caste and constructing a casteless utopia.

Struggles and Resilience:

While the proposed legislation has faced opposition from certain groups, the Ravidassia community firmly believes that this law will shed light on the pervasive issue of caste-based discrimination that continues to impact their lives. Drawing from personal experiences, community members recount instances of prejudice and unequal treatment within various spheres, ranging from businesses to social interactions. The enactment of an enforceable anti-discrimination law that specifically addresses caste would provide respite from the shackles of discrimination and pave the way for a brighter future.

Shared Values and Solidarity:

The Ravidassia community’s struggle for equality finds resonance within the wider Sikh community. Both faiths share fundamental principles of egalitarianism and embrace a vision of unity. Sikh theologian Opinderjit Kaur Takhar emphasizes that Sikhism’s Golden Temple in Amritsar, designed with four doors symbolizing inclusivity, stands as a testament to the religion’s commitment to welcoming people from all walks of life and eradicating caste-based distinctions. By supporting the Ravidassia community’s quest for justice, Sikhs in California and beyond are upholding the core tenets of their faith.

The Imperative for Change:

Challenges persist for members of the Ravidassia community, even in a country celebrated for its diversity and inclusiveness. Discrimination based on caste identity continues to plague individuals, hindering their progress in various aspects of life. As members recount instances of caste bias affecting businesses, employment opportunities, and social interactions, the urgency for legislative intervention becomes apparent. Rajinder Kumar, an advocate for change, asserts that existing categories such as ethnicity or national origin fail to adequately address the discrimination faced by the Ravidassia community. He emphasizes the need for an enforceable anti-discrimination law that explicitly includes caste as a protected category.

Courageous Voices:

Encouragingly, members of the Ravidassia community are uniting and finding their collective voice. Despite potential repercussions and the fear of being exposed as “lower-caste,” they are determined to share their stories, dispel stereotypes, and advocate for change. The April hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee provided a platform for community members, including elderly individuals who could not speak English, to express their unequivocal support for the caste bill. Their resilience and determination inspire others within the community to join the movement and demand justice.

A Vision of Unity:

Beyond seeking legal protection, the Ravidassia community hopes to foster conversations that challenge the status quo. Gurbachan Singh, a respected elder in the community, emphasizes the importance of engaging with other gurdwaras (Sikh temples) and initiating dialogues based on truth and understanding. By fostering unity and collaboration, the community aspires to witness a day when all temples stand together, united by their commitment to justice and equality.


The Ravidassia community’s unwavering pursuit of a casteless utopia in California shines a spotlight on the prevalent issue of caste discrimination. Their resilience, shared values, and determination to break free from the chains of prejudice have galvanized support from allies within the Sikh community and beyond. The proposed legislation, if passed, will not only mark a historic milestone for California but also set a powerful precedent for other states to follow. By confronting caste-based discrimination head-on, the Ravidassia community paves the way for a future where every individual is treated with dignity, regardless of their caste background.


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