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Turkey’s President Erdogan cancels election rallies citing health concerns

Turkish President Erdogan Cancels Campaign Rallies Due to Health Reasons Ahead of Elections

In preparation for the upcoming May 14 presidential and parliamentary elections, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has canceled his campaign rallies scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday. Erdogan cited health reasons for his absence and announced his plans to rest at home on Wednesday, as advised by his doctors.

The news was shared via Erdogan’s Twitter account, where he reassured his followers that he would be taking necessary precautions to maintain his health. Despite the cancellations, Erdogan is expected to participate in a ceremony at the Akkuyu nuclear power plant in the Mersin province via video link on Thursday.

The AK Party deputy chair, Erkan Kandemir, confirmed Erdogan’s participation in the event, which marks a critical milestone in Turkey’s nuclear power development. As the country continues to prepare for the upcoming elections, Erdogan’s health remains a critical issue, and his followers will be keen to hear updates on his condition.

Turkish President Erdogan’s Mersin Rally postponed, as he falls ill during a TV interview ahead of crucial elections

In the run-up to Turkey’s most significant electoral challenge, President Erdogan’s Mersin rally has been postponed. In a tweet, the President stated that the event would be rescheduled for a future date. Erdogan’s long-serving tenure is under threat due to a cost-of-living crisis that has severely dented his popularity. With opinion polls showing Erdogan could lose power after twenty years, the President’s recent live TV interview was cut short after he complained of feeling unwell with an upset stomach.

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