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Survey Reveals Growing Empowerment Among Women Post-COVID

According to a new research poll, women today are experiencing a greater sense of empowerment compared to previous generations, even in the face of social barriers. The survey, which included 2,000 women aged between 25 and 40, as well as 55 and 80, examined how women perceive themselves in society. The findings revealed that four out of five women agree that societal expectations place significant pressure on them to conform to specific standards of appearance or behavior.

The survey identified the top barriers that women encounter in their lives. Feeling the need to “cover up” or hide certain parts of their bodies emerged as the most common obstacle, with 23% of respondents expressing this concern. Additionally, 20% of women reported grappling with the fear of aging. Other prevalent challenges include attempting to meet the expectations of others (19%) and balancing work and family responsibilities (18%).
Notably, the survey highlighted that women remain conscious of external judgments, with 71% expressing concern about what others think or say about them. Body shape and size (38%), appearance (35%), and physical health (31%) were identified as aspects where women felt more judged than empowered.

Despite these obstacles, the survey also demonstrated that a remarkable 93% of women surveyed felt proud of their gender. Moreover, a significant majority reported feeling more confident (77%) and empowered (63%) today than they did a decade ago or before the pandemic.
To cultivate a sense of empowerment, women have adopted various strategies. Overcoming the need for perfection (32%) and cultivating patience towards themselves and others (31%) were cited as important practices. The survey indicated that confidence (19%) and honesty (17%) were the top qualities associated with empowerment. Many women found inspiration in prominent figures like Oprah Winfrey, Princess Diana, and Taylor Swift, or in their personal lives, drawing strength from their mothers, grandmothers, or former bosses.

Furthermore, the survey emphasized the significance of knowledge as an empowering tool. Sixteen percent of respondents recognized that being well-informed contributed to their sense of empowerment. Additionally, 29% believed that making informed decisions enhanced their confidence, while 27% emphasized the importance of educating themselves about global issues.
Women offered valuable advice to help others feel empowered. This included being comfortable in one’s own skin (16%), trusting instincts (15%), and recognizing the power of knowledge (13%). Respondents also stressed the importance of maintaining a positive outlook (30%) and surrounding oneself with positive influences (29%).

The survey acknowledged that moments of self-doubt can still arise, revealing that women, on average, feel self-conscious about their bodies four days a week. Aging-related physical challenges, such as body aches or incontinence, topped the list of concerns (44%). Incontinence emerged as a prevalent issue, affecting 34% of women surveyed, leading to worries about liquid consumption (14%) or weightlifting (14%).

Tambra Martin, the vice president of marketing for FitRight Fresh Start, emphasized the need to address and destigmatize these issues, including urinary incontinence. She encouraged open dialogue, empowering women to take control of their lives and shatter stereotypes once and for all.
In conclusion, despite the existence of social barriers, women are experiencing a growing sense of empowerment. By recognizing the challenges they face, celebrating their gender, and adopting strategies for personal growth, women are breaking free from societal constraints and forging a path toward greater empowerment and self-acceptance.


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