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International Nurses Day 2023
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Our Nurses, Our Future, International Nurses Day 2023 Theme Announced

The International Council of Nurses (ICN) has unveiled the theme for International Nurses Day (IND) 2023

“Our Nurses. Our Future.” This theme highlights the crucial role of nurses in addressing global health challenges and improving healthcare worldwide. Along with the theme, ICN has also launched a new IND logo, symbolizing the significance of this day. Let’s delve into the details of this announcement and understand the importance of recognizing and supporting nurses.

The Meaning behind “Our Nurses. Our Future.”

Dr Pamela Cipriano, the President of ICN, explains that “Our Nurses. Our Future.” encapsulates ICN’s vision for the future of nursing. The goal is to learn from the lessons of the pandemic and take decisive actions to ensure that nurses are protected, respected, and valued. With the release of critical reports like the State of the World’s Nursing and the Global Strategic Directions for Nursing & Midwifery, ICN and other organizations have presented compelling evidence for change in the nursing profession. Now, it is time to focus on the future and demonstrate the impact of investments in nursing and healthcare.

The “Our Nurses. Our Future.” campaign aims to raise awareness and recognize the invaluable contributions of nurses. It seeks to transform nurses from being invisible to being invaluable in the eyes of policymakers, the public, and all those involved in healthcare decision-making and financing. By highlighting the essential role of nurses, the campaign advocates for actions and investments that support the profession. Additionally, it emphasizes the need to strengthen health systems to meet the increasing global health demands.

The campaign not only focuses on supporting nurses but also addresses the importance of strengthening health systems. ICN believes that both the nursing profession and health systems are mutually reinforcing. By emphasizing key actions essential for the profession and health systems, the campaign aims to drive positive change. It recognizes that the future of healthcare depends on every nurse and their active involvement in not only frontline care but also driving transformation.

International Nurses Day is celebrated annually on May 12th, the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale. This significant day serves as a platform for ICN and its national nursing associations worldwide to commemorate the contributions of nurses. ICN produces and distributes resources and evidence to mark the occasion. It is an opportunity for nurses to come together, celebrate their achievements, and collectively chart the future course of nursing to meet the evolving needs of the new normal, the Sustainable Development Goals, Universal Health Coverage, and Health for All.

The theme “Our Nurses. Our Future.” for International Nurses Day 2023 highlights the importance of recognizing and supporting nurses worldwide. It emphasizes the need to learn from the pandemic and take actions that protect, respect, and value nurses. By shining a light on nurses and advocating for investments in the profession, the campaign aims to drive positive change in healthcare systems. International Nurses Day serves as a significant platform to celebrate nurses and collaborate on shaping the future of nursing to meet global healthcare needs. Let us unite in honoring and empowering our nurses for a brighter future in healthcare.

By: Nabeel Ejaz


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