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North Korea's military reconnaissance satellite

North Korea’s Kim Yo Jong Announces Upcoming Military Reconnaissance Satellite Launch

In a recent statement issued by the state news agency KCNA, Kim Yo Jong, a senior North Korean official and sister of leader Kim Jong Un, revealed that North Korea is preparing to launch a military reconnaissance satellite into space. This announcement comes in the wake of a failed satellite launch attempt earlier this week. Kim Yo Jong defended North Korea’s right to self-defense, emphasizing that other countries with satellite programs should also face scrutiny. The statement underscores North Korea’s determination to strengthen its war deterrence and protect its sovereign rights amidst a protracted confrontation with the United States.

North Korea’s Satellite Ambitions:

Kim Yo Jong’s announcement regarding the upcoming launch of a military reconnaissance satellite highlights North Korea’s ambition to enhance its technological capabilities. The failed launch earlier this week, involving the Chollima-1 rocket, revealed certain technical shortcomings. The second stage of the rocket malfunctioned, leading to a loss of propulsion and the subsequent crash of the satellite vehicle into the West Sea. The report suggests that the reliability and stability of the new engine system were low, and the fuel used was deemed unstable, ultimately resulting in mission failure.

Defending North Korea’s Actions:

Kim Yo Jong firmly defended North Korea’s recent failed launch, arguing that if the international community condemns their satellite program, it should also condemn other nations that have launched numerous satellites, including the United States. In her statement, she labeled these countries as a group of gangsters, implying a double standard in how satellite programs are perceived. North Korea asserts its right to self-defense and emphasizes that it will not merely remain an onlooker when its sovereign rights are infringed upon by the United States and its allies.

A Protracted Confrontation with the United States:

The KCNA statement acknowledged the protracted nature of the confrontation between North Korea and the United States. North Korea is acutely aware of the challenges it faces in this ongoing confrontation and is determined to bolster its war deterrence in an all-inclusive manner. The nation remains resolute in its efforts to defend its sovereignty and protect its interests from any acts it perceives as rash or infringing upon its rights.


North Korea’s announcement of an upcoming military reconnaissance satellite launch underscores the nation’s commitment to advancing its technological prowess despite recent setbacks. Kim Yo Jong’s defense of the failed launch highlights the perceived double standard applied to North Korea’s satellite program compared to those of other nations. As the protracted confrontation with the United States continues, North Korea remains steadfast in its pursuit of bolstering war deterrence and safeguarding its sovereign rights. The world watches with curiosity and concern as North Korea aims to assert itself on the global stage of space exploration.


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