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Nick Jonas Opens Up About ‘Tragic’ Onstage Blunder and Its Impact on His Mental Health

In a recent interview on the Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard podcast, singer Nick Jonas of the famous Jonas Brothers band revealed how a “really tragic” onstage performance in 2016 led him to seek therapy. The incident took place during the Academy of Country Music Awards, where Nick joined country pop singer Kelsea Ballerini for a performance of her single “Peter Pan.” However, Nick’s guitar solo went off-key, and he experienced a momentary blackout, leaving him feeling traumatized. In this article, we explore Nick Jonas’ reflections on the incident, its consequences on his mental health, and how he has worked towards healing and personal growth.

The Onstage Mishap and Its Impact:

Nick Jonas described the performance as starting off “fine” but gradually turning “tragic.” As he walked towards Kelsea Ballerini, he suddenly went blank and played a wrong note, causing a brief blackout. The 30-year-old singer confessed that he couldn’t stop the mistake in the moment, and it affected him deeply. Reflecting on the incident, Nick admitted that he had initially blown it out of proportion, but the incident gained more attention than he had anticipated, leading him to seek therapy to cope with the aftermath.

Seeking Therapy and Processing the Trauma:

Nick Jonas, still puzzled about what exactly went wrong during the performance, shared that he was immediately rushed away after the show and sent off in a car and then a plane. Overwhelmed by the experience, he turned to his manager and admitted, “I think that was bad.” The traumatic incident left a lasting impact on Nick, shaping the intense pressure he placed on himself to always be perfect. Recognizing the significance of seeking professional help, the singer engaged in therapy to address his feelings of shock, trauma, and the subsequent self-imposed pressure.

Healing and Growth:

Nick Jonas emphasized that the onstage blunder was a defining moment in his career, but he has since embarked on a journey of healing and growth. Although the performance received widespread media attention, with many outlets branding it a “fail,” Nick has been able to find some humor in retrospect. He acknowledged that he had initially exaggerated the magnitude of the mistake. Nevertheless, the incident prompted him to reflect on the high expectations he had set for himself and the need to let go of the constant pursuit of perfection.

Looking Ahead:

As the Jonas Brothers prepare for their upcoming tour across the United States, the band’s members—Joe, Kevin, and Nick Jonas—are focused on creating new experiences for themselves. Nick revealed that they would be kicking off the tour at New York’s iconic Yankee Stadium, a place that holds significant sentimental value to them as lifelong fans of the city’s baseball team. The opportunity to play at such a prestigious venue brings excitement and nervousness, reminding them of the journey they have taken since their early days.


Nick Jonas’s candid revelation about the “tragic” onstage blunder and its impact on his mental health sheds light on the pressures faced by artists in the spotlight. The incident prompted him to seek therapy and reflect on the unrealistic expectations he had placed on himself. By sharing his story, Nick encourages others to prioritize their mental well-being and embrace personal growth. As the Jonas Brothers embark on their tour, they do so with a renewed perspective, embracing the excitement and nerves that come with stepping into new arenas.


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