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Migrants’ fingers, ears cut off if they can’t pay cartels: report

Disturbing Report: Cartels Resort to Brutality When Migrants Can’t Pay

Explore the horrifying realities faced by migrants on the US-Mexico border as cartels resort to brutal tactics when ransoms cannot be paid. Learn about the resurgence of cartel kidnappings, the confusion surrounding changing immigration policies, and the desperation that drives migrants to take risks.

The Horrors Faced by Migrants on the US-Mexico Border

Migrants hoping to enter the United States are encountering unimaginable horrors at the hands of cartels. According to a recent report by NBC News, those who cannot afford to pay the cartels’ ransoms have their fingers and ears brutally severed. This revelation sheds light on the immense dangers faced by migrants along the border, especially since the end of Title 42 on May 11, which imposed penalties on those crossing without proper documentation.

The Resurgence of Cartel Kidnappings Puts Migrants at Risk

Since the termination of Title 42, cartels have revived their practice of kidnapping migrants from Central and South America who are waiting in Mexican cities for an opportunity to cross into the US. These innocent individuals become victims of ransom demands, enduring physical and emotional torment. In the city of Monterrey, 49 migrants, including 11 children, were recently abducted from a bus. Fortunately, they were later rescued by the Mexican army. Disturbingly, the Mexican government reported that in 2022 alone, it rescued a total of 2,115 migrants who had been kidnapped by criminal gangs.

Uncertainty and Desperation: Migrants’ Struggles Amidst Changing Immigration Policies

Fear of kidnapping and other forms of violence has added to the confusion and uncertainty experienced by migrants at the Southern Border. Many migrants find themselves trapped in Mexico, unsure of how Title 8, the current immigration law being enforced, will affect their situation. Title 8 imposes legal consequences on undocumented immigrants, including deportation, a five-year ban from the US, and potential jail time for those attempting a second entry. Faced with the dire consequences of Title 8, some migrants view the people-smuggling cartels as their only option to reach the US.

Desperate and hopeful, migrants in Reynosa and Tijuana wait for opportunities to apply for asylum through the CBP One App. However, the notoriously problematic app has led to months of frustration, as countless migrants fail to secure appointments, pushing them further into a state of desperation. Despite the penalties imposed by Title 8, some migrants may still risk attempting illegal crossings, driven by the illusion of winning a “lottery ticket” for a better life in the US.


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