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Former Lizzo dancers file lawsuit accusing sexual harassment, body-shaming, and hostile work environment. Serious allegations against the singer and her dance captain revealed.

Lizzo Responds to Harassment Lawsuit: “False Allegations Outrageous and Unbelievable”

US pop star Lizzo faces a lawsuit filed by ex-dancers alleging harassment, discrimination, and unpaid wages, but the singer vehemently denies all claims, calling them “outrageous and unbelievable.”

In a shocking turn of events, US pop star Lizzo is facing serious allegations from three of her ex-dancers, accusing her and her production company of sexual harassment, religious and racial discrimination, assault, and false imprisonment. The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles, has sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry. Lizzo, whose real name is Melissa Viviane Jefferson, has broken her silence, vehemently denying all allegations. This article explores the singer’s response to the accusations, shedding light on her side of the story.

Lizzo Denies Allegations

In response to the lawsuit filed by her former dancers, Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez, Lizzo issued a statement expressing her deep disappointment and emphasizing the gravity of the situation. While the pop star usually opts not to respond to false claims, she deemed these allegations “unbelievable” and “outrageous,” prompting her to address the matter head-on.

“These last few days have been gut-wrenchingly difficult and overwhelmingly disappointing,” Lizzo revealed. The singer’s work ethic, morals, and respectfulness have been called into question, leading her to defend her character vigorously. She points out that the stories are being spread by former employees who have already admitted that their behavior on tour was inappropriate and unprofessional.

Lizzo’s Commitment to Artistry and Respect for Others

As an artist, Lizzo has always been passionate about her craft, taking her music and performances seriously. She stated that her aim is to produce the best art that truly represents both herself and her devoted fans. While this level of passion demands hard work and high standards, the singer maintains that she never intends to make anyone on her team feel uncomfortable or undervalued.

The Pop Star’s Body Positivity Advocacy

Known for her body-positive message and self-love, Lizzo was shocked by the accusations of fat-shaming. Dancer Arianna Davis alleged that Lizzo and dance choreographer Tanisha Scott questioned her commitment to the tour, insinuating that her weight gain affected her performance. Lizzo has always been an advocate for body acceptance and self-empowerment, vehemently denying that weight or appearance would ever influence her decisions regarding her team.

Racial Discrimination Allegations

The lawsuit also includes allegations of racial discrimination against Lizzo’s production company, Big Grrrl Big Touring (BGBT). The dancers claim that only the full-figured women of color in the dance cast were subjected to scolding for “unacceptable and disrespectful” behavior, leading them to feel targeted with racial and fat-phobic animus. This has raised serious concerns about the management team’s handling of diversity and inclusion within the company.

Unpaid Wages

Adding to the litany of accusations, the plaintiffs have asserted that they were not fairly compensated during parts of Lizzo’s European tour. This allegation raises questions about the treatment of performers and crew members and highlights the importance of fair and ethical labor practices within the entertainment industry.

US pop star Lizzo responds to serious allegations of harassment, discrimination, and unpaid wages from ex-dancers, denying all claims in a high-profile lawsuit. Read more on her side of the story.

As the lawsuit against Lizzo and her production company unfolds, the entertainment world eagerly awaits further developments. The pop star’s vehement denial of the allegations and her commitment to body positivity and inclusivity stand in contrast to the serious claims made by her former dancers. With both sides of the story now in the spotlight, the public, media, and legal experts will closely scrutinize the evidence presented. Regardless of the outcome, this high-profile case serves as a reminder that the entertainment industry must prioritize creating safe and equitable working environments for all its artists and employees.


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