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‘Let’s Go Brandon’: Democrats Eye Mississippi Governor's Race

‘Let’s Go Brandon’: Democrats Eye Mississippi Governor’s Race

In an unexpected twist, Brandon Presley, the Democratic nominee in Mississippi’s gubernatorial race, aims to rally Black voters and address their concerns to challenge the deeply rooted Republican dominance in the state.

A surprising turn of events, Mississippi, one of the most solidly Republican states in the nation, is witnessing a gubernatorial race that has captured national attention. Brandon Presley, the Democratic nominee, is making an unprecedented bid to win the governorship. What’s driving this unexpected twist, and why are Democrats optimistic about their chances in Mississippi?

A Quest for Change

Brandon Presley, the Democratic nominee, is on a mission to win over the state’s voters, but his path to the governorship lies through a formidable challenge. Mississippi’s politics are deeply polarized, with Democratic candidates historically struggling to secure more than 20% of the white vote. To have a fighting chance, Presley must rally a substantial turnout among Black voters, who make up approximately 38% of the state’s population and tend to vote overwhelmingly for Democrats.

Presley’s Pledge

Presley’s strategy is clear: to earn the votes of Black residents, he is laser-focused on addressing their concerns. One of his key promises is to restore state funding for historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and reinvest in the city of Jackson, which has felt neglected by the current governor, Tate Reeves. Reeves’ contentious history with the city and his refusal to expand Medicaid have contributed to his status as the third-most unpopular governor in the United States.

Building Bridges

Presley’s approach includes grassroots efforts to reach out to Black voters across the state. He has embarked on a whirlwind tour through all 82 counties in Mississippi, dedicating substantial resources to advertise on Black radio stations. These efforts have not gone unnoticed by Mississippians, including both Democrats and even some Republicans, who have adopted the infamous “Let’s go Brandon” slogan.

A Learning Experience

Presley’s tireless outreach sets him apart from past Democratic nominees in Mississippi. Notably, the 2019 Democratic gubernatorial nominee, Jim Hood, did not put in as much effort to court Black voters. His lack of engagement with Black constituents did not go unnoticed by Black elected officials, and he ultimately fell short at the ballot box.

A United Front

Presley’s campaign has successfully secured the support of influential figures in the Democratic Party. U.S. Rep. Bennie Thompson and House Democratic Assistant Leader Jim Clyburn have endorsed Presley, campaigning alongside him in crucial Black communities. Their support is critical in rallying Black voters behind the Democratic candidate.

The Neglected Capital

One of the central issues driving Presley’s campaign is the perceived neglect of Jackson, the state’s capital, by the current governor. Reeves’ veto of funding for much-needed upgrades and his expansion of the state Capitol Police’s authority have left many residents of the city feeling marginalized. Local radio DJ Sinatra Harris highlighted the issue as a reason for Presley’s support, emphasizing that “Cuz got to go.”

Critical Healthcare Reforms

Another focal point of Presley’s campaign is healthcare, particularly Medicaid expansion. Mississippi ranks among the highest in poverty rates in the country, and yet it is one of the few states still resisting the Affordable Care Act’s incentives to provide Medicaid coverage to its residents. Presley’s commitment to expanding Medicaid aims to address the state’s healthcare crisis and provide much-needed financial relief to cash-strapped hospitals.

A Populist Pitch

In addition to healthcare, Presley identifies himself as a “populist at heart.” He emphasizes his commitment to cleaning up corruption in the state’s capital and highlights his opposition to the misuse of funds for political favors. These issues resonate not only with Black voters but also with a substantial bloc of white swing voters.

A Tough Battle

Despite the optimism within the Democratic Party, winning the gubernatorial race in Mississippi remains an uphill battle. The state has a significant conservative voter base, and the latest public poll shows Tate Reeves leading by eight points. Nonetheless, Presley’s campaign has released internal polls that suggest a much closer race.

“Explore the surprising story of Brandon Presley, the Democratic nominee in Mississippi’s governor race, as he strives to engage Black voters and challenge Republican control in this pivotal election.”

The Mississippi governor’s race has become a focal point of political attention, as Democrats hope to secure an unexpected victory in a deeply Republican stronghold. Brandon Presley’s commitment to engaging with Black voters, addressing their concerns, and his populist message on healthcare and fighting corruption have given the party reason for optimism. The outcome of this race may well hinge on the ability to mobilize Black voters and the impact of these outreach efforts. Mississippians are watching closely as November 7 approaches, eager to see whether Presley can defy the odds and bring change to the state’s leadership.


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