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Google Announces Deletion of Inactive Accounts from December Onwards

In an effort to safeguard against potential security threats, Alphabet Inc’s Google (GOOGL.O) has revealed its plan to delete accounts that have remained dormant for a period of two years, starting from December. This policy aims to mitigate the risk of hacks and other cybersecurity issues.
Under this new policy, Google will consider deleting any accounts that have not been utilized or logged into for at least two years. Consequently, the content stored across various Google Workspace services, including Gmail, Docs, Drive, Meet, Calendar, YouTube, and Google Photos, may also be permanently removed.
It is important to note that this account deletion policy solely pertains to personal Google Accounts and does not apply to accounts associated with organizations such as educational institutions or businesses.
Previously, in 2020, Google had only intended to eliminate content stored in inactive accounts while leaving the accounts themselves intact. However, with this latest update, the entire inactive account will be subject to deletion.
To ensure users have an opportunity to retain their accounts, Google will initiate a series of notifications sent to the account email address and recovery mail of inactive accounts, prior to deletion. This proactive approach serves as a reminder for users to log in and demonstrate their continued engagement with the platform.
In a similar vein, Twitter recently announced its plans to remove long-dormant accounts and archive them, as highlighted by Elon Musk. This collective effort aims to “free up abandoned handles,” emphasizing the importance of account maintenance and security across various online platforms.


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