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Geelong Cats Facing an Uphill Battle: Struggles Continue in 2023

The Geelong Cats, reigning premiers from the previous season, find themselves in a precarious position as their performance in the 2023 AFL season continues to disappoint. With a recent loss against GWS Giants, the Cats now hold a 5-6 record after 11 rounds. Injuries to key players and the integration of inexperienced youngsters have compounded their woes, leaving the team and fans concerned about their ability to turn the tide. Former player and expert analyst, David King, believes Geelong is in a deep rut and facing significant challenges in their quest for success. Let’s delve into the reasons behind their struggles and assess their chances of recovery.

Injuries and Lack of Cohesion:

Geelong’s current state of affairs can be partly attributed to a string of injuries plaguing the team. Patrick Dangerfield, Mitch Duncan, Max Holmes, and Cam Guthrie, all pivotal players, have been sidelined due to various ailments. The absence of these seasoned campaigners has disrupted the team’s rhythm and cohesion on the field. While their return is eagerly anticipated, King cautions against expecting an immediate resurgence in form. The road to recovery will require time for these players to rebuild their personal form and reintegrate into the collective unit.

The Toll of Inexperience:

Another significant challenge faced by the Cats stems from the influx of young and inexperienced players. Geelong, known for its stability and experience, finds itself thrust into a situation where unseasoned talents are required to step up. According to King, the team has lacked the guiding presence of experienced campaigners who can provide direction, make crucial decisions, and set up effective strategies during critical moments. These teething problems have resulted in costly errors and goals conceded due to inexperience. Geelong must navigate this phase of blooding youngsters while simultaneously striving to remain competitive in a demanding league.

Implications for the Season:

Considering the hurdles facing Geelong, it appears that the current season may not live up to the lofty expectations set after their premiership triumph. King’s somber assessment suggests that the team’s struggles could persist throughout the year. With significant players missing in action and the challenges of reestablishing synergy, the Cats face an uphill battle to regain their winning ways. The 74-81 loss to the Giants at their home ground further highlights the gravity of their predicament. The defeat serves as a wake-up call, underlining the increasing competitiveness of other teams in the league.


Geelong’s 2023 AFL season has been marked by setbacks and a failure to replicate the success of the previous year. Injuries to key players have disrupted the team’s balance and cohesion, while the introduction of inexperienced youngsters has added another layer of complexity. David King’s assessment of the situation paints a gloomy picture for the Cats, suggesting that this season may be one of rebuilding and regrouping. While the team’s supporters express gratitude for the triumph of the previous year, the present challenges cannot be ignored. Geelong must rally together and find a way to overcome their hurdles if they are to salvage their campaign. The upcoming match against the Bulldogs provides an opportunity to turn the tide and reignite their championship aspirations.


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