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EastEnders’ Kacey Ainsworth Finds Love After Split: Moving On and Embracing New Beginnings

In a whirlwind of emotions and life changes, beloved EastEnders star Kacey Ainsworth, renowned for her role as Little Mo Slater, has found love once again. After parting ways with her husband of nearly two decades, reports have surfaced suggesting that Kacey has rekindled a connection with one of her former co-stars. The actress, now 54 years old, met Liam Tobin during the filming of Then And Now in 2020, and it seems that their on-screen chemistry has translated into a real-life romance.

Love Blooms:

Kacey Ainsworth took to social media to express her affection for Liam Tobin, making their relationship Instagram official on his 50th birthday in 2021. With a heartfelt caption accompanied by celebratory photos, Kacey showered her new beau with gratitude and admiration. The words “Like attracts Like I guess” at the end of her post hint at the deep connection they share.

Navigating Change:

According to reputable sources, Kacey’s separation from her husband, a plumber with whom she spent 18 years, occurred sometime during the lockdown period. While the exact timeline remains unconfirmed, it is evident that Kacey has embarked on a new chapter of her life, embracing the joy and companionship found in Liam’s company.

Family Matters:

In the midst of personal transitions, Kacey Ainsworth continues to prioritize her role as a mother. Together with her ex-husband, Kacey shares the joys of parenthood with their two children, Blossom (19) and Elwood (14). Elwood’s journey, especially, has been an inspiration for Kacey, as he was diagnosed with autism during his early years. The actress’s dedication to her children shines through her heartfelt celebrations and expressions of pride.

EastEnders Reunion:

Fans of EastEnders have eagerly awaited Kacey Ainsworth’s return to the iconic British soap opera. Having left the show in 2006 after her character’s tumultuous storyline, Kacey recently hinted at a potential comeback. In a candid interview, she revealed that the door to Albert Square is never fully closed, leaving room for the possibility of reprising her role as Little Mo. The enduring impact of her character on loyal viewers is a testament to her exceptional talent.

Balancing Priorities:

While Kacey’s passion for her craft is undeniable, she has made a conscious decision to prioritize her family and personal life. With limited availability due to various commitments, including her son’s well-being, Kacey has chosen to dedicate her time to what matters most. The challenges that come with raising a child with autism have deeply affected her, leading her to cherish the moments she can spend with her son.

A Triumphant Return:

Earlier this month, exciting news surfaced regarding Kacey Ainsworth’s return to the stage. She is set to captivate audiences once again with her performance in the play “Leaves Of Glass” at the renowned Lidless Theatre. This highly anticipated event marks a significant milestone in Kacey’s career, showcasing her versatility and unwavering talent beyond the realm of television.


Kacey Ainsworth’s journey through love, family, and personal growth serves as an inspiration to all who admire her. Breaking free from the shadows of the past, she has embraced new beginnings and found solace in the arms of actor Liam Tobin. While her return to EastEnders remains uncertain, her fans eagerly await the potential reunion with her beloved character, Little Mo. Through it all, Kacey’s devotion to her children and her own well-being remains steadfast, reminding us that true success lies in finding balance and embracing the beautiful tapestry of life’s ever-evolving chapters.


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