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Angus Cloud, Beloved Star of HBO's 'Euphoria,' Dies at 25 Leaving Fans Devastated

Angus Cloud, Beloved Star of HBO’s ‘Euphoria,’ Dies at 25 Leaving Fans Devastated

Angus Cloud, the beloved star of HBO’s ‘Euphoria,’ tragically dies at 25, leaving behind a legacy of talent, style, and a powerful message about mental health awareness.

The entertainment world was shaken on Monday when news broke of the untimely passing of Angus Cloud, the talented actor known for his breakout role as Fezco in HBO’s popular teen drama series, ‘Euphoria.’ The 25-year-old actor was found deceased at his family’s home in Oakland, California, leaving fans and colleagues heartbroken. The cause of death has not been disclosed, but family sources revealed that Angus had been struggling with the recent loss of his father, whom he was laid to rest in Ireland just a week ago. As tributes pour in from fans and fellow actors, the industry mourns the loss of a young, promising talent.

A Battle with Mental Health

Angus Cloud’s family shared in a statement that the actor had been grappling with suicidal thoughts following the loss of his father. He had been staying with relatives while working through his grief. The family’s statement also emphasized the importance of mental health awareness and encouraged others to seek support and not suffer in silence.

A Rising Star with a Humble Beginning

Cloud’s journey to stardom was unconventional, as he was discovered by a casting agent on the streets and had never acted professionally before landing the role of Fezco in ‘Euphoria.’ His genuine and lovable portrayal of the teenage drug dealer endeared him to viewers, earning him a dedicated fan base.

In an interview with i-D magazine, Cloud admitted that he wasn’t seeking fame when he took on the role, but the opportunity was too good to pass up. Little did he know that his talent and dedication would propel him to such heights.

Heartfelt Tributes Pour In

As the news of Angus Cloud’s death spread, fans took to his Instagram comment section to express their grief and offer heartfelt tributes. One particular post, which appeared to be a tribute to his late father, garnered numerous messages of condolences and love from fans.

Fellow cast members and industry peers also expressed their sorrow and admiration for the late actor. Javon Walton, who played Cloud’s young adoptive brother, Ashtray, in ‘Euphoria,’ posted a touching tribute on Instagram, bidding his co-star a tearful farewell.

A Multifaceted Talent

Beyond his on-screen talent, Angus Cloud’s personal flair and sense of style were widely appreciated, particularly after his debut in ‘Euphoria’ in 2019. Growing up shopping in the thrift stores of Oakland, California, Cloud developed a distinct fashion sense that resonated with fans and brought personality to red carpet events.

An Unforgettable Legacy

The tragic loss of Angus Cloud leaves a void in the entertainment world. HBO, the network behind ‘Euphoria,’ expressed deep sadness at the passing of the immensely talented actor, whom they described as a beloved part of the HBO and ‘Euphoria’ family.

Sam Levinson, the creator of ‘Euphoria,’ also mourned Cloud’s death, paying tribute to his unique talent and acknowledging the struggles the actor faced with addiction and depression. Cloud’s portrayal of Fezco, along with his close bond with the character’s adoptive brother Ashtray, will be remembered by fans as one of his best dramatic performances on the series.

As the industry reflects on the passing of Angus Cloud, his legacy as a talented actor, a fashion icon, and an advocate for mental health will live on. The heartfelt tributes pouring in from fans and colleagues alike are a testament to the impact he had on those who knew him, on and off the screen.

“Angus Cloud, the fan-favorite actor known for his role in HBO’s ‘Euphoria,’ passes away at the age of 25, leaving a profound impact on fans and the entertainment world. Discover the legacy of this talented star and his advocacy for mental health awareness.”

Angus Cloud’s untimely death has left the entertainment world reeling, with fans, co-stars, and industry professionals mourning the loss of a young talent. As we celebrate his remarkable performances on ‘Euphoria’ and admire his unique sense of style, we must also remember the importance of mental health awareness and support. Angus Cloud’s passing serves as a poignant reminder that no one should face their struggles alone, and seeking help is essential. As we say goodbye to an exceptional actor, let us honor his memory by fostering compassion, understanding, and solidarity among those in the entertainment community and beyond.


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